How to Build a Profitable Online Store

With the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry, fast and efficient order fulfillment is a necessity. Considering the growth and development of your company, it may be time to consider the benefits of outsourced e-commerce. With this, you may be asking, but how do I find the right order fulfillment company? Let’s explore the top three questions you should be asking when looking for an order fulfillment company.

1.What services does this order fulfillment company offer?

Create a list of needs that your company wants to be met, then seek a company that can fulfill those needs. Items on your list could include express turnaround, inventory management services, a warehouse logistics breakdown, or even a customer database. The amount of time it takes for an order to be placed and processed by the order fulfillment company, then be sent out to the customer is what is called “turnaround time.” In today’s market, a 24-hour turn around is the standard. Managing your inventory can be tricky when there is a constant flow of orders going in and coming out.

Finding the right fulfillment company can afford helpful tools such as inventory management services that keep tabs on your inventory, even if you’re not physically present to handle each transaction. Examining warehouse logistics provides a better picture of where your product will be stored, how it will be shipped, and the level of efficiency you can expect from an order fulfillment company. Customer databases are another tool that are helpful in tracking phone calls, orders and other important information about your customers. Gathering information about customers and storing it in a secure database helps you to better customize services and products for your customers.

2.How will this order fulfillment company handle my orders?

From step one, you want to ensure that the order fulfillment company you choose is safe. Next, when seeking an order fulfillment company, you should assess their reputation. How long has this company been around for? What do people say about them? Safety is often measured by time and experience, choosing an order fulfillment company should not be any different.

3.How will outsourcing to this order fulfillment company benefit my company?

Packaging and shipping your own orders can be expensive. Costs such as warehouse space, employees and machinery must be considered when fulfilling orders in-house. Considerations such as these are why many businesses choose to outsource their order fulfillment. With an order fulfillment company, businesses are able to save money due to more flexible staffing options, experienced and efficient packing, as well as cheaper shipping costs. Cutting in-house costs and stress frees up more time for your business to focus on what is important in-house.

Benefits of outsourcing include more than just cutting costs, they also include cutting the amount of resources necessary for running an in-house shipping operation. Outsourced fulfillment means no need for your own warehouse staff, warehouse space, packaging and the list goes on. Outsourcing may seem intimidating to some, but the benefits far outweigh the downfalls when you choose the right order fulfillment company for your business’ needs. And what’s more, if an order fulfillment center can provide value-add service like, customized packing, personal greeting card and other personalized service, that will surely ensure your business to a new level.

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Affordable Ecommerce Automation Tools To Use

When you’re just starting your ecommerce journey, there are a wide range of useful tools which you can use to create your own online store and grow it into a successful e-commerce business, When you know the best tools for ecommerce you’ll have a much easier time starting your own store. We’ve created this article to help make your life easier by breaking down all of the essential tools which you’ll need to start your own ecommerce business.

Cross-border E-commerce business are mainly about three things: create order, order management and feedback . ChinaDivision is a professional orderfulfillment service provider where you can combine all the useful tools below to boost your business.

Below are some tools for your reference.

1, Oberlo 

Oberlo is one of the most popular ecommerce automation tools. It automates several parts of running an online store. First, it automates product imports. It allows you to do one-click product imports. Oberlo imports the copy, images, and product info directly from AliExpress onto your store. It also automates order processing in one click. When you wake up in the morning, all you need to do is press one button and all of the customer details will be sent to your suppliers. Shipping is taken care of by suppliers, which saves time and money on your end.

Store owners looking for an ecommerce automation tool should use Oberlo because it allows you to choose from millions of products, streamlines order processing with numerous suppliers, and allows you to run your business from anywhere in the world. They also have a free Starter Plan for up to 50 orders a month.

2, Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great ecommerce automation tool as it allows you to do market research, competitive research and monitor the web for articles on your brand. You can choose to set alerts for specific keywords, public figures, or brands (your own included). Whenever new content appears on the web for your keywords, you’ll receive an email from Google Alerts with a link for you to view.

Store owners should use Google Alerts as an automation tool so that they stay informed about what’s popular in their niche, what their competitors are doing, and what people are saying about your brand. With countless new articles appearing in search engines every day, it can be hard to stay on top of what other brands are doing. Google Alerts allows you to stay informed by emailing you as new content is published without you having to monitor the web every day yourself. The ecommerce automation tool is free to use.

 3, ZenDesk

ZenDesk allows store owners to automate parts of their customer service. They’re currently building an Answer Bot that allows customers to have their customer service taken care of by a bot. Customers who experience common issues can be guided through to a solution with the help of an AI. Complicated issues or unresolved issues can then be taken care of by a person, easing the workload of overburdened customer service teams.

While you might not want to completely automate your customer service, as it’s an important part of customer relationship building, but automating aspects of your customer service allows you to help your customers more efficiently. Having hundreds of customer inquiries to answer each day can delay customer response times and leave customers feeling frustrated. By using an ecommerce automation tool customers have the option of receiving support immediately through an Answer Bot. You can also hire agents at ZenDesk to respond to your customer inquiries on your behalf with pricing starting at $5 a month per agent hired.

4, Consistent Cart

Consistent Cart is an ecommerce automation tool that automates abandoned cart recovery, push notifications, and add to cart popups. By automating abandoned cart emails you improve your chances of converting those who’ve abandoned their cart. Store owners can set the app to contact customers via email or text. The app is fully automated, as store owners only need to set it up once.

Store owners should use Consistent Cart to ensure that they’re maximizing their sales by recovering abandoned carts. Sales can grow drastically by regularly sending out abandoned cart emails to remind customers about the products they almost purchased. Manually contacting customers can be time consuming depending on how many abandoned carts your store has each day. The tool is affordable as its only $4.99 a month after the free trial has ended.

Using various ecommerce automation tools can help you build a strong, sustainable, and easy to manage online store. Even if you only have an hour to work on your online store each day, a combination of the automation tools listed in this article will offer you a chance to build a lasting and successful online business without compromising your lifestyle.