3 Tips to Fulfill Physical Kickstarter Rewards

Physical reward fulfillment means sending physical items such as T-shirts, thank you cards, or physical products, to crowd-funding backers. For the Kickstarter project creators whose project are in the category of board games, technology or designs, sending physical rewards to global backers seems to be unavoidable. The challenges are clear.

3 tips to fulfill kickstarter rewards


Board games are normally light and not big, but there are a lot of small parts in the boxes, shaking during the global transport may cause damages. More than that, sometimes the different parts are from different manufacturers, and they need to be assembled.


Technical products such as baby monitors or security cameras have higher values, they are easily damaged. High transport damage rates can lead to relatively larger losses.


Physical designs such as paintings or sculpture furnishing articles are big or in irregular shapes. The volume of the products will be considered when calculating the global shipping freight, once the volume weight (L*W*H/5000) is heavier than the actual weight, the freight will be charged by the volume weight. In this case, it is essential to reduce the package’s size as well as its weight.


Tip 1. Cooperate with professionals.

None of the problems above is an easy thing for Kickstarter project creators. Solving them requires labors, warehouses, years of experiences in global shipping/product packing, and a deep cooperation with the express carriers. In fact, there is no need to spend valuable time, money and energies on these hassles, as a professional order fulfillment company, ChinaDivision crowd-funding fulfillment service is a one-stop solution for Kickstarter creators to fulfill physical rewards.

Here is a case study Case Study: How to Fulfill Kickstarter Rewards and the Subsequent Orders


Tip 2. Identify your needs.

Fulfillment needs can be quite different because of the physical rewards’ characteristics and backers’ requirements. Just like I mentioned above, board games have a lot of small parts, tech products are fragile, they need extra protections. Meanwhile, physical designs need experienced packing and cheaper shipping methods. Identifying the needs in the early stage of crowd-funding helps the project creators to calculate the correct fulfillment budget and make an exact timeline. ChinaDivision provides multiple value-added services and shipping options for users, which makes it possible for Kickstarter project creators to have different parts of the reward assembled in the fulfillment center, pack the rewards with own-designed packages and ship the rewards as the backers needs.


Tip 3. Collect backers’ addresses early.

Collecting backers’ recipient info is more time consuming than a lot of Kickstarter project creators think, and it’s important. Incorrect or inexact recipient info will lead to package return, which will cause financial losses. Collecting the info early saves time for checking and shipping, as long as the info is correct, ChinaDivision can ensure that every backer will receive the reward soon.

Reward fulfillment is one of the most important parts in a Kickstarter project, when it comes to physical items shipment, it can be tricky. But as long as the project creators follow these tips, their project will be completed successfully with the help of ChinaDivision crowd-funding reward fulfillment service.

Case Study: How to Fulfill Kickstarter Rewards and the Subsequent Orders

For a Kickstarter project creator, it’s a relief to see backers’ comments after they receive the products.  A crowd-funding project will be finished only when every backer has received his/her reward. So the reward fulfillment is the last and important link of the crowd-funding campaign.


Female hands holding touchpad with presentation.


Considering this, Mr B, a Kickstarter project creator, turned to ChinaDivision to get a proper reward fulfillment solution last October. A month earlier, he launched a project on Kickstarter to raise funds for his company’s product, the foresight card game IMPACT. And now, nearly a year has passed, he has successfully raised all the funds, finished the reward fulfillment, and began to sell this product to global buyers. ChinaDivision not only helped him and his company fulfilling their commitment to send rewards to global backers, but also fulfilling orders from their website. It’s a good case to study how to fulfill Kickstarter rewards and the subsequent orders.


Consider the reward fulfillment solution from the start.

One of the most easily made mistakes when planning a crowd-funding project is not considering shipping and fulfillment costs and time. After the celebration of successful fund-raising, the crowd-funders may find there is very little money and time left for them to ship rewards to backers as promised. Just like a lot of Kickstarter projects, Mr B’s project is a little bit behind their original schedule, because the products always need to be adjusted, developed and well-manufactured. Fortunately, just a month after the Kickstarter project started, Mr B found ChinaDivision and got a very considerable offer from the sales team. His company accounted for the reward fulfillment costs, made a new schedule and completed the Kickstarter reward fulfillment planning.


Add the reward fulfillment costs to your budget.

Kickstarter reward fulfillment costs include the warehousing fee, global shipping fee, products packing fee and other. If the project creator decides to fulfill in-house, the labor costs have to be added as well. All these tasks are difficult and expensive to handle for crowd-funders, it’s better to hire a trustworthy company to do it. Because an experienced order fulfillment company, such as ChinaDivision, not only gets VIP prices from express carriers, but also optimizes the fulfillment process to  make the labor and warehousing fees very cheap. In the planning phase, Mr B contacted the sales team of ChinaDivision, received the full-service quote and found it very affordable. He and his company estimated the reward fulfillment costs and add them to the budget. After the project was fully-funded, they started to have the products manufactured, then shipped them to ChinaDivision warehouse, be prepared to be shipped. Everything went smoothly.


Make plans about the subsequent order fulfillment as well.

The project IMPACT got 289 backers at last, most of them have received rewards by July. But it’s only a start. ChinaDivision is also responsible for helping to fulfill the subsequent orders after the Kickstarter project is over. IMPACT the Foresight Game is now being sold on the company’s website, buyers can get them within a week after placing orders. The subsequent order fulfillment is not only fast, but also hassle-free. ChinaDivision provides Shopify fulfillment app for Mr B and his company to sync orders, inventory and tracking numbers. After receiving orders, they only need to sync the orders to ChinaDivision system with one-click, ChinaDivision will automatically start to process the orders and ship the products directly to buyers. The inventory will be updated in real time, and the tracking number will be synced back to the website when the products are shipped. Considering the convenience of this process, Mr B decided to let ChinaDivision fulfill the subsequent orders in the crowd-funding stage, he and his company made a completed plan on how to fulfill the Kickstarter reward and subsequent orders.


ChinaDivision Kickstarter reward fulfillment service can complete and streamline the fulfillment aspect of a crowd-funding project. “In our experience, ChinaDivision has been an efficient and effective shipping partner. They are communicative and responsive to our inquiries, and always focused on finding appropriate and affordable solutions for our firm. Their browser-based dashboard ensures we always know the status of orders”, Mr B said. Just like Mr B, all the crowd-funding project creators have to face a lot of challenges. With the help of ChinaDivision, the last link of the crowd-funding campaign can be completed successfully.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo Fulfillment Tips

Internet has become an international mall with infinite possibilities. In this global system crowdfunding was just a natural step forward in developing good ideas and gave a new dimension to E-commerce and online businesses. Now everything is immediately found by powerful search engines and everybody can get the desired products and services as fast as saying click. In this context, long delivery deadlines with high costs can kill even the best ideas and companies providing online services have to deal now with a new challenge. According to ChinaDivision.com, a company specialized in order fulfillment, things like products management, warehouse management, delivery and returns are as important as any other part of a project, but sometimes they require a lot more time than most persons and companies expect.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo Fulfillment

Managing a Kickstarter or an Indiegogo project is now more demanding than ever not only because of a great number of persons involved in this movement, but also as a result of the supply and demand dynamics. Between plans, prototypes, providers, cost efficiency, and sometimes employees, there is no time left for fulfillment and, as much as some want to deny it, long term business growth depends a lot on this commercial aspect. As the future is definitely for global markets where everything has to be delivered fast with small costs what can an entrepreneur do? There are a several tips and tricks which can transform any project, either on Indiegogo or Kickstarter, into a success as fast as the internet and the new technology require it.

ChinaDivision Kickstarter  Fulfillment Service

1. Having the best idea is not enough

A good business idea is the first step, but the entrepreneur has to come with a complete plan which includes not only finance and production, but also fulfillment and delivery. ChinaDivision.com has a special Kickstarter and Indiegogo fulfillment service which can save a lot of time and money to any person or company which runs a project based on crowdfunding. All problems connected to managing the warehouse and the entire process of picking, packing and shipping products correctly and efficiently means a lot of work, so having professional advice and the complete infrastructure for delivering products makes things a lot easier. Why not spending all this energy on focusing on the development of the product instead? This way the best idea can be delivered in the best way with low costs and no incidents.

2. The crowdfunding campaign must be an absolute priority

The only way in which an entrepreneur can afford such a thing is when all other mechanisms work perfectly. This requires a lot of experience, complex systems for managing your inventory and orders in real time, and an efficient team of employees. The costs of such a developed infrastructure are high and need to be efficiently controlled. An alternative to that is having the right partner to handle the supply chain and the distribution network for an efficient Kickstarter shipping. All persons who expect to raise money with Kickstarter or Indiegogo need to be prepared to make their backers happy, which generally means to be able to ship the product to them quickly. The easiest and most economical method to obtain that is by working with a company specialized in Kickstarter fulfillment services.

3. Keep costs low

There is a big difference between the money a person hopes to get from crowdfunding and the money the person will actually raise. Not all projects can make millions from the beginning, so keeping costs under control is a must. ChinaDivision.com estimates that using a specialized company in Kickstarter fulfillment services helps saving important money, which can be used for financing new projects or can be shared with customers. The reduction of costs is obtained from volume discounts, less salaries to pay, and the lack of warehouse expenses. Moreover, such a partner generally means fix costs, which never happens when managing shipping and returns alone.

4. Marketing

Branded shipping, special design for packages and promotional marketing are perfect solutions for an expanding business, but they also require additional costs. Some of the companies which offer fulfillment services also offer a series of suggestions on how to grow the brand’s identity. As an example, ChinaDivision.com provides, besides the Kickstarter and Indiegogo fulfillment services, custom shipping boxes and envelopes, custom package labels, marketing products such as greeting cards, flyers, giveaway products, and newsletters, and gift packages for special occasions, all designed to meet both the company’s marketing purposes and the client’s expectations.