How to Choose Order Fulfillment Service Provider in China?

Because of the cheap labor and developed manufacturing industry, sending from China fulfillment service are the first choice of a lot of e-commerce sellers. Most of the order fulfillment service providers in China are located in Shenzhen, which is very close to the logistics hub HongKong. Recent years more and more companies start to provide order fulfillment service, but their service level are very uneven. Be ware of the unqualified companies with lousy services, they will drag your business down and make you suffer from money loss. Here are some tips to choose quality order fulfillment service company in China.

How to Choose Order Fulfillment Service Provider in China

Consider the tech strength

Global shipping related order fulfillment involves a lot of orders and sections, so it need technologies to make the process seamless. Tech oriented service normally means the fulfillment team is technically powerful enough to provide a whole scientific system including the fulfillment integration of a varies of e-commerce platforms. Fulfillment integration can reduce the manual transfer times, which not only saves time and energy, but also lower the error rate.

ChinaDivision has developed easy-to-use fulfillment integration for multiple platforms, such as Shopify fulfillment integration, openCart fulfillment integration, WordPress fulfillment integration, magento fulfillment integration, etc.

“The dashboard looks great and it already synced my orders, I will surely be adding SKUs later”,after installing our Shopify fulfillment plug-in and synced a lot of orders within seconds, one of our clients e-mailed us happily. ChinaDivision fulfillment integration is stable and starter friendly, we are still adding more features to make it more powerful.


Choose the service with high performance-price ratio

Budget control is essential for any kind of business, but pursuing low price blindly will make you fall into a trap, for example, your fulfillment provider shuts down with out notice. Order fulfillment requires a series of specialized skills, all of them need years of experiences, which is too long for some companies who just rent a warehouse and start to post ads. Fortunately, quality service doesn’t have to be expensive. With optimized operations, the order fulfillment process can be very efficient and cost-effective.

Unlike some China based fulfillment companies, ChinaDivision is not start from scratch, its brand owner Shenzhen CNstorm E-commerce Co.,Ltd, also owns a B2C platform, which has been operated for years. With the experiences accumulated from the B2C business, ChinaDivision have provided high performance-price ratio service to clients all over the world.


Investigate the express carrier cooperation

The express carriers, such as UPS, DHL, EMS, etc, charge much lower shipping fees from their long-term cooperation partners. In this case, choosing the fulfillment company with better carrier cooperation can reduce a lot of your shipping cost. More than that, deep cooperation also means better communication, it can make a lot of differences in global shipping. You can monitor your order status in real time and deal with problems promptly.

Running global shipping related business, ChinaDivision have cooperated with the world-leading express carriers for many years. We also have dedicated line services, which integrated with European countries to take care of last mile delivery.

8 Reasons for Using Amazon Fulfillment Service in China

A lot of Amazon sellers choose to use FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) because of the FBA customer benefits, but shipping directly from suppliers to Amazon fulfillment center may encounter some problems, especially when your suppliers are far away in China. That’s why you need a middleman who does amazon fulfillment in China. China based third-party amazon fulfillment services include all the required handling before the products are shipped to amazon FBA warehouses, such as goods inspection, labeling, kitting, custom clearance, etc, since all the Amazon warehouses, including Amazon China fulfillment center locates in multiple cities, have strict and detailed prep requirements.


Reasons for Using Amazon Fulfillment Service in China

According to Amazon’s policies, your products should be “ready to be fulfilled” before they are sent to FBA, or Amazon will charge handling fees which are calculated by units. The labeling and packaging requirements include:

Bar codes: Correct, scan-able, unique bar codes on both item’s packages and cases/sets; All the other non-related bar codes must be covered.

Labels: Sold as set labels, SKU labels, Expiration dates labels.

Packaging: Packing requirements for loose products, products in boxes, products in poly bags, etc.

You can download the detailed requirements documents in Amazon help center, then you will see they are surprisingly long.

You may say your suppliers can do these for you, but do you know the risks?

High error rates. You will be surprised by the packing errors your suppliers make, packing one package is easy, but try to do one thousand times within a day! It requires skillful staff and optimized processes, which are a lot to ask for a factory.

Goods rejection & High handling fee. Amazon requires that all your shipping fees and duties must be paid in advance, they will pay no money for goods receiving. More than that, if your labels don’t meet the Amazon prep requirements and need to re-labeling, Amazon FBA will charge you the handing fee calculated by units.

Business secrets leakage. Tell your supplier how to do all the preparations for Amazon is dangerous, because it equates to teach them how to sell their own products without you. If you let them do the value-added work, they will know your marketing strategy as well. The more you let them do, the more they will learn.

In this case, the reasons for using Amazon fulfillment service in China are to outsource the hassles, avoid the risks and save more energies for your real business.

Goods inspection. Amazon will not inspect the goods for you, if the supplier mixed the blue skirts in the red ones by mistake, your customer will receive the wrong products with no doubt. So having them inspected by third-party before shipping to amazon is essential. When the products arrive at ChinaDivision warehouse, our staff will open the boxes and check accuracy of the product amount and SKU, to ensure everything is in order.

Labeling. Outsourcing the labeling means you download the PDF labels from Amazon and give them to your China Amazon fulfillment service provider, they print it for you and put them on item packages and boxes/sets. But ChinaDivision does more, with the help of tech oriented bar code system, we can make your inventory management more effective and accurate.

Kitting. Unlike other Amazon fulfillment in China, ChinaDivision Amazon fulfillment also includes kitting&assembly, package customization and other value-added services. If you need to ship different products in one package, put promotional inserts in it or print logos, ChinaDivision is here to help. We can also print the promotional inserts such as thank you cards, leaflets, catalogs for you.

Custom clearance. There are always custom related routines to do when it comes to global shipping, unfortunately Amazon will not do it for you, that’s another reason you need to get help from Amazon fulfillment service provider in China. ChinaDivision  ensures that all fees are paid up when your goods arrive Amazon warehouses.

Keep your secrets. ChinaDivision is an order fulfillment provider, unlike your suppliers in China, we have no business overlaps with you. ChinaDivision will never steal and leak your business secrets, your designs, marketing strategies and suppliers’ names are safe with us.

ChinaDivision Gift Fulfillment Service

Giving away free gifts is a proven marketing strategy which is usually called gift marketing. Gift marketing is particularly suitable for re-marketing, because sending promotional items to old customers in holidays, anniversaries, their birthdays, etc, not only gives them favorable impressions of your brand, but also reminds them to pay attention to your products again.


chinadivision gift fulfillment


Carrying out gift marketing normally means sending a lot of packages in a short time, so it’s better to outsource it. ChinaDivision gift fulfillment service can take the hassles away and makes it possible for you to only focus on how to get more orders.


Thoughtful &Cost-effective gift sourcing. Nobody wants lousy T-shirts or mugs with big logos on them, only the thoughtful and meaningful gifts can get a better promotional result. At the same time, the promotional items can’t be too expensive, since you are sending a lot of gifts for free. ChinaDivision can spare you the hassle of selecting suitable gifts from tons of listings online, relaying on the large amount of manufacturers in China, and the B2B marketplace Alibaba, ChinaDivision gift sourcing service can be cost-effective and thoughtful at the same time.


Flexible shipping methods. Unlike the other fulfillment service, gift fulfillment service has to provide cost-effective and flexible shipping solutions in particular, since it directly relates to the promotion budget and effect( in some cases, whether the customers can receive the gifts in the ideal time). ChinaDivision has been partnering with world-leading express carriers like UPS, DHL, EMS, etc, which makes it possible for us to get a negotiated shipping price and real-time updated shipping status. With multiple years of experiences in B2C business, ChinaDivision can fulfill your promotional items in the most effective way.


Customizable packing. As was mentioned above, sending promotional items can increase the identity of your brand. But how to achieve it? One of the effective ways is using customizable packages. Instead of just printing your logos on the box, there are more you can do. Have your packages well-designed, ChinaDivision will make them real. Like people wrapping the gifts before gift giving, thoughtful packaging makes the receivers feel your caring heart. Not only that, ChinaDivison also provides kitting service. It means you can put different products and inserts in the package, such as thank you cards, gift cards, coupons, etc.


Scheduled shipping. Another hassle in gift marketing is you have to keep the dates in mind: anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc, and you have to send the gifts ahead of time to make sure you customers receive them in the right time. Scheduled shipping is one of the core services in ChinaDivison gift fulfillment solutions, give us your customer and holiday list, we will take care of the rest.

Drop Ship vs Third-party Fulfillment Service

Drop ship is a supply chain management method which the retailers don’t need to keep the goods in stock, because the drop-shipper(normally the manufacture or the wholesaler) will send the goods to the buyers directly. Drop shipping saves warehousing fees and reduces the hassle of picking and packing. But there are still a lot of disadvantages, that’s why a lot of online store owners turn to third-party fulfillment service providers.

What’s the differences between third-party fulfillment service and drop shipping?

Drop Ship vs Third-party Fulfillment Service

Third-party fulfillment providers do more. They do kitting/assembly, value-added services, and give you more shipping method to choose.

One of the advantages of drop ship is you don’t need to handle the packages, which reduces a lot of hassle. But this also makes the packing customization impossible. Third-party fulfillment providers can do a lot of work for the store owners before the packages are shipped, such as kitting, assembly, adding marketing inserts, because they receive products from multiple suppliers and process them together.

About carrier selection. The drop shippers send the products directly to the buyers, but most of them only cooperate with a few express carriers, and normally will not bother to find cheaper or faster shipping method for the store owners. This may not be a problem at ordinary days, but during holiday season, such as from November to January, when most of the store owners received tons of orders, that’s the time when problems emerged. Consumers will not be happy if they receive their Christmas gift in January. Third-party fulfillment providers can make more flexible shipping solutions for the store owners, because global shipping is what they do , they have more experiences than the suppliers.

Third-party fulfillment is more controllable

Inventory management has been a headache for the store owners who drop ship products from multiple suppliers, and it will be even harder when the owner gets a lot orders in a short time. The solution is to let all of the suppliers send the products to one place and deal with them centrally. Once you let third-party fulfillment providers handle your inventory, every shipped-in and shipped-out will be recorded, there is no need to contact different suppliers just to update the inventory. Another meaning of the word controllable is that the store owner can monitor the shipping status in real time. Professional inventory management software will return a tracking number for each shipped package, you can deal with the problem on time if something went wrong.

Third-party fulfillment service brings better customer satisfaction

The consumer can get different products in one package if the store owner uses third-party fulfillment service. This is particular important for the owner who sells quite different kinds of products in one store or owns multiple stores. Besides the products the consumers buy on their own initiative, the store owner can also send them gift kits on holidays with the help of the kitting service third-party fulfillment company provides. This is an effective marketing strategy which will deepen the brand awareness and increase customer satisfaction.

ChinaDivision is a full service third-party fulfillment provider, which not only provides quality fulfillment services as mentioned above, but also as controllable as your in-house fulfillment team. With multiple years of experiences in b2c business, ChinaDivision can provide much more customizable services than drop-shippers.

Irregular Shaped Products & Over Packing: Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision

Almost every Amazon buyer once had the experience like this:

Amazon FBA over packing

(The picture is from twitter)

It may be hilarious to see someone receive a giant box after purchasing a pair of socks, but as an Amazon FBA user, what if you have to pay a lot of logistics fee or your customer gives you negative feedbacks because of the unnecessary huge volume? Not funny at all.

Over packing not only reduce the consumer satisfaction, but also being a waste of transportation resources and not environmentally friendly.


Why did over packing happen?

Mechanic operation. In order to save the labor, Amazon imported an equipment called CubiScan. It is said that CubiScan can scan the irregular object by the infrared laser sensor, then calculate the size of the packing box from the computer connected to the machine.

Amazon explained that this process ensure that the goods can be packed in the “most suitable” paper box automatically. But how to define the word “suitable”? Machines don’t know anything about user experience or transportation cost, the only thing they consider is whether the box can contain the object. As a result, after this new automated equipment went into service, there are more consumers’ complaints about over packing, a lot of FBA users have to pay extra logistics fee because of the increase of volumetric weight.

Another reason is, over packing seems to be an easy solution to protect the goods. But it’s not entirely true. The reason why the consumers usually have trouble finding the item is because the big Amazon box is filled with a lot of protective material such as bubble wrap and paper. This looks protective, but if the product is irregular shaped and fragile, the extra space will cause a lot of shaking in transit, and the light cushioning material is not supportive enough.

ChinaDivision, never over packing

Packing is not just about wrapping things up, it requires skills and a heart of “all for the customers”. The customer oriented packing service has to be solid, nice-looking and freight saving.

With multiple year of accumulated experiences in B2C business, ChinaDivision has a lot of well-trained packing staff. They can find different packing solutions for different shaped products, which not only provides enough protection but also reduce logistics fee. Not only that, when Amazon only has 17 different sized packing boxes, ChinaDivision can provide a hundred different boxes for a hundred clients. We can customize packaging for you thanks to all the packaging box manufacturers in China.

Assume that you are an online store owner who sell beautiful scroll paintings, it’s better to wrap the long shaped scroll in a cylindrical box with the diameter slightly larger than the scroll. But if your fulfillment provider scan your product with a machine and only have regular shaped boxes, then your beautiful scrolls have to be placed on the diagonal of a big box. Calculate the volumetric weight of that !

Amazon Order Fulfillment VS ChinaDivison Order Fulfillment

There is no doubt that the 21st century is the era of shopping online, thus for online merchants, sourcing, warehousing, shipping, and other extended services become the hottest issues. Faced with these important but trivial things, the smartest option is outsourcing all these order fulfillment services above. And as China plays a much more important role as a recognized major exporter than ever, choosing a right order fulfillment agent from China appears to be wise.

But here comes the question, although every company claims to be the best one, which is truly trustworthy still remains unknown. Below is the comparison between Amazon and its alternative, ChinaDivision, so as to find out the better option.

Claimed to be a world-class customer fulfillment service provider, Amazon developed a system called FBA, which helps both Amazon and non-Amazon sellers. However, when it refers to offering the order fulfillment service from China, the famous one doesn’t always turn to be the right one.


  • Much Lower Pricing

For merchants outsourcing order fulfillment from China, the reason why they are eating this attractive piece of cake is that they see lower cost and higher profit in it, and there is no exaggeration to say, this is all merchants’ goals. In this sense, the top fatal disadvantage of FBA is their sky high costs. Amazon order fulfillment fees depend on product type, the dimension and weight of the item and the channel the item gets sold on. And the truth is, tens of thousands of Amazon users complain about FBA charges. When you sign up with a FBA account, Amazon charges initial setup fee, while another order fulfillment service provider similar to Amazon, ChinaDivision, does not. Furthermore, Amazon order fulfillment fees include fulfillment fees, monthly storage fees and inventory placement service. And fulfillment fee can be again divided into order handling, pick & pack and weight handling. Better yet, if your products doesn’t sell that well, you’ll have your inventory stored in Amazon’s warehouse, which means in the long run you have to pay a substantial extra price.

On the contrary, as a China-based company and Amazon’s competitor, ChinaDivision allows you to benefit from much lower costs, compared to Amazon. So ChinaDivision doesn’t charge you the so-called initial setup fee, as mentioned above, pack fee or inventory placement fee as Amazon does charge. And the great news is that they openly offer clients with free storage service within 30 days, which is even negotiable.

Amazon Order Fulfillment VS ChinaDivison Order Fulfillment:

Amazon ChinaDivision
Initial setup fee ×
Fulfillment fee Including order handling, pick & pack and weight handling) No pack fee.
Monthly storage fee Free for goods under 10 CBM within 30 days
Inventory placement fee ×

(Amazon Order Fulfillment Charges VS ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment Charges)


Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment from China Price Comparison
Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment from China Price Comparison
  • Better Extended Services

Surprisingly, ChinaDivision also defeats Amazon in other aspects. As a one-stop China based platform, ChinaDivision focuses on helping clients streamline order fulfillment from China and it offers well-coordinated services from sourcing, warehousing, pick&pack, shipping to handling returns. Both Amazon and ChinaDivision serve as customer order fulfillment agents, the former appears to be less caring. Take warehousing for example, Amazon has established quite strict requirements for items to be stored, including packaging and time of arrival. In the case that requirements are not met, Amazon would reject the product without paying for the transportation both ways. Conversely, Amazon’s competitor, ChinaDivision, serves in a distinctly different manner. If there’s any discrepancies, ChinaDivision would get contact with clients directly and promptly, till the problem get resolved.

For order fulfillment services, first comes the order. So if unfortunately, your products don’t sell like hot cakes or even worse, your account gets killed, Amazon would again hit you for it costs much whether you choose to have items sent back or disposed of. And assume that you are cautious enough and just store a small quantity of products in Amazon warehouse, another problem could occur if your products sell well. Because it’s highly possible that you might drop in ranking due to stockout, since it consumes too much time in shipping to Amazon. And once it happens, it’s very hard to get the golden age back. In this view, ChinaDivision displays strong advantages over Amazon. Similar to but not exactly the same as Amazon, ChinaDivision has established a hub facility in Shenzhen, so it’s extremely convenient for it to source and replenish goods, thereby saving your time and money.

ChinaDivision aims at developing along with clients’ business, hence it processes returns efficiently and is committed to reducing chargeback rate by double quality-check before shipping.

Compared order fulfillment services by Amazon with that by Amazon alternative, ChinaDivision, conclusion can be drawn that for merchants who’s planning to outsource order fulfillment from China, ChinaDivision should be a better option since it stands for less cost and better service.

How does ChinaDivision Process Order Fulfillment for you?

Among so many order fulfillment companies, ChinaDivision is a rather young but energetic group, offering low-cost and high-efficiency order fulfillment services. Based in Shenzhen, China, ChinaDivision sets up a hub facility in Shenzhen and concentrates on providing order fulfillment services from China, which covers sourcing high quality goods, warehousing, picking, quality check, packing, shipping and handling returns. All these important while trivial and distracted things could be safely handed over to ChinaDivision.

So as an order fulfillment expert, how does ChinaDivision streamline the whole order fulfillment process?

Order fulfillment process - ChinaDivision
ChinaDivision – Order fulfillment process

(The General Order Fulfillment Process by ChinaDivision)

1.Get contact

2.Product Sourcing


4. Pick, Quality Check, Pack, Ship

5.Inventory & Shipments Management

6.Returns Handling

Anyone who’s ready to enjoy the carefree and quality order fulfilling services can get contact with ChinaDivision easily. Just go to, sign up and fill in some basic information such as your name, email address and phone number, then a specially assigned business development manager will answer questions for you.

Of course you can source by yourself. But If you just have a vague business plan while have no idea about sourcing, please don’t hesitate to turn to ChinaDivision. Yep, ChinaDivision is not offering order fulfillment services in the narrow sense, on the contrast, ChinaDivision streamlines it. As a local and professional company, ChinaDivision has established quite close relationships with product manufacturers in China, thus ChinaDivision can match you with the most suitable sourcing option.

Not only sourcing, ChinaDivision can also offer warehousing service. So after you finish product sourcing or trust ChinaDivision with this matter, you can have the product delivered to ChinaDivision and ChinaDivision will retain and stock it for you, surely under your real-time control. ChinaDivision develops a customized Warehouse Management System for you to manage the inventory flexibly and simply.

And it’s great that ChinaDivision will have the item stored in warehouse for free within 30 days. The order fulfillment services offered by ChinaDivision runs rather smoothly. So once you get order from clients and inform ChinaDivision, they would help you finish all the follow-up work, including picking, double quality check, packing and shipping. And guess what? The surprising thing is that ChinaDivision can offer customized packaging depending on your requirements, which helps boosting your own brand a lot.

Always worrying about the lagging logistics information? Now you can rest assured! Because ChinaDivision has tactfully figured out a solution to this problem by building an international logistics infrastructure. And as for inventory management, ChinaDivision open clients access to inventory dashboard, on which you can view your products’ status, shipping costs and validate addresses. Address Validation can make a reduction in returns and chargebacks.

ChinaDivision offers well-organized order fulfillment services, which covers handling returns professionally for you. So if any sales returns happen, ChinaDivision would check carefully the returned item, then notify you, and finally settle it upon your request. If needed, ChinaDivision can even offer prompt customer service for you.

As mentioned above, the order fulfillment process by ChinaDivision, serving as your order fulfillment expert from China, is extraordinarily simple and user-friendly, hence enables you to bypass being distracted so as to focus on the real important thing like customer mining and brand promotion.

Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision

Choosing the right order fulfillment company can be tricky since every company out there claims to be the best. Creation and advertising of products are major factors affecting customer experience, but that is not all, products delivery is a major concern. Ecommerce order fulfillment helps merchants to deliver the products sold via online platform from the warehouse to the customers. Here is a review of Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision which are the top three order fulfillment in the companies. This review will help to determine the best company especially if you are sourcing your goods from China.

Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment from China Price Comparison
Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment from China Price Comparison

Sourcing the inventory
Inventory sourcing is the first major step in any business. Customers are always looking for the best products that are worth their money. You need to research well before making any purchase to ensure that the product you intend to buy meets the required standard. Sellers ship their products ware houses owned by order fulfillment companies for repacking and quality check. Amazon and shipwire require that you conduct your research then send them detailed information describing the products you intend to buy. ChinaDivision makes the whole process of sourcing your products much easier. With the understanding of China’s economy and culture, ChinaDivison has been able to partner with best companies in China. This local advantage has made inventory sourcing from China very easy.

One of the major functions of any order fulfillment company is to offer a storage facility of products before they are shipped to the customer. Warehousing in e-commerce order fulfillment allows activities such as repacking, weighing and quality check to be carried out on products before shipping to the customer. Warehousing charges differ with among different companies offering order fulfillment services. Amazon warehousing fee depends on the quantity of the products and activities to be carried out on the order before shipping it to the customer. However, Amazon offers quantity discount thus lowering the cost of shipping huge orders. Shipwire, on the other hand, is does not offer quantity discount that is a great disadvantage. ChinaDivision has out beaten them all since it offers 30 days free warehousing which reduces the cost of handling orders significantly.

Money saving options
Ecommerce order fulfillment offers various ways for saving money. The companies listed here handle huge orders thus they can cut costs from quantity discounts. However, ChinaDivison local advantages give it a strong purchasing power that enables it to bargain for steep discounts. Some of the local advantages include the understanding of Chinese culture, language, and different markets.

Less transit time
Amazon has warehouses in different geographical locations in China a factor that slows order processing. Shipwire and ChinaDivision on the other hand, have their warehouses located near international parcel processing center Hong Kong hence quick order processing and shipping. In fact, ChinaDivision observes the same day fulfillment policy to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Customer service
The quality of the services offered by any company offering order Fulfillment Company is a great concern for every customer. Amazon has been known to offer highly quality services for a significant period. It has more location than the other companies and can handle huge orders. If the customer encounters any problem, he/she can contact the Amazon support team. However, due to the high automation of their system, there are some loopholes in their service delivery. A major issue that has been of great concern is that if an order is lost or canceled the customer is not personally notified.

Transparency is one of the major factors that affect service delivery. Several complaints have been reported about shipwire having hidden charges, shipping errors and hidden policies among other misconducts.

To enhance service delivery, ChinaDivison has a system that allows any order to be tracked in real time. This enhances convenience and efficiency thus leading to a great customer experience.
To wrap it up all, ChinaDivison emerges as the best order fulfillment company for individuals sourcing their products from China. Although it might take longer to ship products from China to the US than it is within the US, this company still offers the best customer services at a fair price. China has been rated as the major export of a wide range of products to the world thus choosing a Chinese order fulfillment local company will allow you to enjoy the local advantages and high-quality services.

ChinaDivision for Your E-commerce Order Fulfillment Business

When you are done reading this you’ll find yourself seriously considering partnership with ChinaDivision for your e-commerce order fulfillment business. If you are an aspiring e-commerce business person or company or you are already in the business and considering another alternative, you’ll probably find that making that decision was quite easy after all. Straight away we look at the services we give you and why we are unique-:

ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment
ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment

We save your precious time
We understand that you need your time to focus more on your business and customers, time is precious and we’ve all experienced how disappointing and boring it is to wait for days to have your products shipped and received, chinaDivision’s facilities are strategically placed at key international points that ensure faster shipping and delivery, we also have the expertise in handling order fulfillment that guarantees that products reach your customers quickly.

Cut down your expenses and get value for your money
Let us handle the warehousing for you and save you the cost, our experts will pick, pack and ship your products at our facilities letting you benefit from the reduced expenditure, besides, we pool orders from several customers and this enables us to buy in bulk and fetch greater discounts all for your advantage.

We relieve you of the technicalities of managing logistics
Our logistics infrastructure is unmatched, we develop your products’ inventory in our facilities that enables us handle worldwide order fulfillments easily and process your orders in the shortest time.

Avoid chargebacks and returns
With chinaDivision’s powerful technology you can monitor your inventory and addresses in real time enabling you to manage your orders and reduce shipping costs, our system evaluates the returned products and accordingly updates your inventory thus greatly minimizing chances of future returns.

Provide quality service for your customers
Handling deliveries and orders concurrently can easily lead to errors and poor customer satisfaction, at chinaDivision we especially handle this with detail and help you enhance your customers’ satisfaction and build a reputable brand. Take advantage of our experts and well established infrastructure and systems to focus on faster delivery and growth of your business.

E-commerce Order Fulfillment Business
E-commerce Order Fulfillment Business

What is unique about us?
ChinaDivision solves your manufacturing and sourcing needs, we have partnered with several product manufacturers and we can link you with the China product manufactures that best meets your needs enabling you to tap into new markets to expand your business.

ChinaDivision handles returns the best way all for your benefit, our team determine whether the returned items can be resold hence reducing your inventory loss,  whether damaged products can be returned to you depending on the specific case and your preference.

At ChinaDivision we help you build your brand and create a unique brand identity, with competition from other e-commerce companies like Shipwire and amazon FBA, our concern is to strive for customers satisfaction we therefore focus on offering unique services. ChinaDivison allows you to have custom shipping boxes and envelopes that enhances a direct interaction between you and your customers, you can also have custom package labels applied to your products on shipping and make a brand identity among your customers.

At ChinaDivision we also fulfill your needs of managing customer relations and marketing by providing services several product inserts such as newsletters, greeting cards, flyers and giveaways as inserts into your products during shipping.


ChinaDivision can also help you with custom package design for specific products during certain dates such as Christmas, Easter, mothers and fathers days and valentines days.

We also strive to accomplish same day fulfillment by coordinating printing and packaging with regional pickup times to ensure processing and shipping of orders received same day. As ChinaDivision works all round to ensure a competent provider of e-commerce fulfillment service along side Shipwire and Amazon FBA, we have positioned ourselves to save you the precious resources of time and money by partnering with major carriers that provide shipping with speed and security to your customers promptly. ChinaDivision also makes it possible for you and your customers to track your products on transit through a website application that display tracking information using product package ID and carrier. ChinaDivision provides your fulfillment operations through one efficient platform by managing your sourcing, tracking, creating your inventory and customer relations. through your inventory we alert you on updating stock and the information on changes on your products demands. we also monitor and verify addresses and hold any product we identified with invalid address, all this is updated to via e-mail and system alerts. ChinaDivision also does order grouping which enables single packaging of multiple products destined for one customer, this saves you the price of packaging and shipping to your customer.

Expand your business and explore greater markets through the well established ChinaDivision.

Why You Should Use ChinaDivision for Your Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Are you looking for reliable ecommerce order fulfillment services? Look no further because you have found one in ChinaDivision. If your trading region is North America and/or Europe then we are glad to partner with you and help you to source products from China whenever you have an order from your customer. Alternatively, we can save you some hustle and bustle by picking, packing and delivering orders directly to your customers. We can also make the delivery direct to your warehouse in case you are the one making the order.

Chinadivision Ecommerce Order fulfillment
Chinadivision improve your business

In partnering with ChinaDivision, you will get a free warehouse in China so you won’t have to worry about storage and associated costs in case you don’t have your own warehouse in China. Our services will ensure that your business is more efficient and cost effective as we will allow you to sell more and spend less. Reliability is our backbone and that is why we are the undisputed market leaders in China product sourcing.

Why Outsource Order Fulfillment?

The global economic setup has seen multinational firms move their manufacturing plants to China. If you are a trader and you don’t have a China warehouse you might be disadvantaged due to storage and transportation challenges. However, with ChinaDivision (a specialized order fulfillment firm) you don’t need to worry about that as we can guarantee you a free warehouse in China. In the end, you will realize that outsourcing order fulfillment services will actually work to your advantage. Check out some of the benefits below:

1. You get to offload some tasks and concentrate on what you can handle effectively. ChinaDivision will enable you to offload warehouse management, fulfillment, pricing and packing of products, shipment, order processing, and products management.

2. Shipping: poor shipping services usually lead to late deliveries and this is the major cause of customer dissatisfaction when dealing with any product. However, with ChinaDivision you don’t need to worry about that as we will ensure that your products are picked, packed and shipped to their destinations on time.

3. When you have reliable order fulfillment services, you get the chance to focus on the product rather than logistics and thus you are able to strengthen your brand.

4. The ultimate benefit is that you will stay ahead of your competition at all times.

ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment
ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment

Why You Should Choose ChinaDivision

Now that you know it is prudent to outsource order fulfillment, it is equally paramount to know from whom you should do the outsourcing. If you have operations in North America or/and Europe, then ChinaDivision is your best alternative. Our package includes product sourcing services for you, order fulfillment services for you and your customers and contact center services where you will get English call and mail services. As our partner, you will get a competitive edge that other firms will not. Here is why:

1. Reduction in transit costs and time: our facilities are located strategically near Hong Kong and Shenzhen international parcel processing hubs and this ensures that products can move to their destinations quicker. Since we are specialized in logistics, we enjoy economies of scale that you might not be positioned to enjoy. However, when you partner with ChinaDivision, the benefits are bound to trickle down and ultimately you will save on logistics expenses.

2. Specialization: we are order fulfillment experts as much as you are an expert in product development. Leave product fulfillment to us and focus on brand strengthening.

3. Money saving: our quantity discounts and economies of scale will ensure that you save on shipping costs. You can enjoy the savings yourself or transfer them to your customers.

4. Effective management of logistics: the amount of time and resources that you will spend when you partner with us is far much less than what you are used to spending. However, with our unique strategies and international infrastructure, your logistics will be handled in the best way possible.

5. Superb inventory system: our picking, packing and storage services ensure that we do all the hard work for you as far as inventory management is concerned. Furthermore, you get to enjoy a free warehouse in China.

We are the best alternative to Shipwire and Amazon FBA

In case you are wondering what makes us unique and superior to Shipwire and Amazon FBA; well, just think of a free China warehouse for your products! That is not all, the mere fact that we source from China puts us ahead of competition considering that most manufacturing firms are located in China. Our international shipping systems are cost friendly and consist of reliable networks and infrastructures. You even get to enjoy customized packaging and delivery of products. Contrary to Shipwire and Amazon FBA, we are never overwhelmed with orders and thus we always ensure that deliveries are timely and the products are intact.

Therefore, choose ChinaDivision today and outdo your competition.