3 Benefits of Using Shopify Fulfillment Integration

Shopify is a widely used e-commerce platform because of the simple operation and powerful features. It is reported that over 300,000 merchants have set up their online stores with the help of Shopify. As a result of this situation, we developed Shopify fulfillment integration to help the Shopify users enjoy China local fulfillment service. The fulfillment app is free and easy to use, you can visit ChinaDivision Shopify Fulfillment App to get it.



It mainly takes 3 steps:

(Detailed operation steps refer to Shopify Fulfillment Integration)

  1. Install Shopify fulfillment app. In order to synchronize data between your Shopify store and ChinaDivision, you have to authorize ChinaDivision fulfillment app to your Shopify account. This step ensures that ChinaDivision can collect data from your Shopify store.
  2. Set your using preference. The fulfillment app will navigate you to the configuration page when you enter the app for the first time. You can customize the app right away or skip this step to do it later.
  3. Get started. After installing ChinaDivision Shopify fulfillment plugin, the whole order fulfillment process will be convenient, seamless and easy to monitor.

Convenient: you can synchronize order/SKU information with one click.

Instead of manually placing the orders on ChinaDivision.com one by one after receiving new paid orders, by installing Shopify fulfillment app, you can one-click sync the Shopify order data to ChinaDivision. Not only that, the order will be synchronized to ChinaDivision system automatically once your customer paid the orders. You can also sync the SKU data. If a new product is added in your Shopify store, ChinaDivision will receive the SKU information. The automatic synchronization reduces manual operation times, which is particularly suitable for the information contains a lot of attributes with very slight differences. Almost every online store owner once received the customer complain about wrong size, color or model, ChinaDivision Shopify fulfillment service can avoid this situation at the most extent and increase your customer satisfaction.

Seamless: real-time inventory information update.

It takes patience and carefulness to fulfill big amount of orders, many online store owners once had the experience of struggling to update fast changing inventory. ChinaDivision Shopify fulfillment integration ensures the whole fulfillment chain is seamless, as soon as your customer place and paid the order, the corresponding inventory in ChinaDivision system will be reduced. If the order quantity exceeds the total amount of your stock, our sales staff will inform you. You can contact your manufactures in China to restock. Timely replenishment is particularly essential in peak season.

Easy to Monitor: the tracking number will be returned to your Shopify account.

Our Shopify fulfillment app can also make your order easy to be monitored. The shipping information will be returned to your Shopify store after the order is delivered, your customer can receive an e-mail which informs him/her to track the shipping status in your Shopify store. Tracking on time is particular necessary for world-wide shipping because of all the aspects. As long as the buyers are concerned about the purchase, they will keep an eye on the shipping status and contact you if something seems to be wrong. This is a trick to save energy when you have to monitor a big amount of orders.