ChinaDivision – Your Crowdfunding Order Fulfillment Partner

You’ve run your crowdfunding campaign with incredible success, congratulations! Now comes the tedious part of fulfilling and shipping your backer rewards. Crowdfunding fulfillment is a crucial yet long drawn-out process. Depending on how many backers you’ve attracted to your campaign, reward shipping and order fulfillment can be a nightmare. Below we will share a case of one of our crowdfunding clients, who faces change of shipping schedule due to unexpected factors.

A few days ago, Client S, a Kickstarter project creator visited headquarter of ChinaDivision and told us that he failed to deliver rewards to his backers as the promised time because the products need some further improvement. He and his team pay high attention to the product quality, just like what he said, “We would rather deliver an amazing product late, than a substandard product on time.” Considering this, they have to put the shipping date back to allow for the changes.

Original Timeline:

original timeline - ChinaDivison

Revised Timeline:

revised timeline

According to the new timeline, they are going to send the rewards via air freight in June(at their expense) due to the delay while the original plan was ship by boat. They believe that partnering with ChinaDivision – a leading order fulfillment center in China, enables them to claw back some of the time that has been lost to design and manufacture. In addition, utilizing ChinaDivision’s strategic location advantage, rewards manufactured in China can be sent from Hong Kong directly to the backers worldwide, which can greatly reduce the lead time.

As a world famous crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter continues to grow into a hub for creative project fund raising. E-commerce order fulfillment companies are playing an increasingly important role in the community at the same time. Delayed shipping, due to some labile factors along with the crowdfunding project, as the above case, can badly hurt backer satisfaction and your company’ s long term credibility. At this point, working with a reliable fulfillment partner is the key to get rewards to your backers’ hands as quickly as possible.

At ChinaDivision, we are well versed and experienced in the challenges that crowdfunding may present and offer seamless and comprehensive rewards fulfillment services. We know exactly how important those backers are being your business’s first supports. Check out some of the benefits to work with ChinaDivision below.

Low Cost & Fast Delivery

Just imagine, you have your rewards manufactured in China and shipped to your local warehouses or warehouses worldwide for order fulfillment. How much will that cost? Renting your own warehouse, purchasing facilities and hiring labor will be costly for crowdfunders who just start up their business.

At ChinaDivision, rewards are received directly from your Chinese manufacturers. We check the quality and store them in our warehouse (30 days free warehousing is offered). With experience in high-volume packaging and shipping, we have built good relationship with the major shipping carriers. Thus we can delivery your orders by a multitude of options to save you as much money as possible on shipping. Also, since orders can be delivered directly to the backers, lead time is greatly cut down.

Customized Packaging & Full Tracking

As a crowdfunder, you care about professional packaging for the rewards because you want to make sure your backers receive a surprising package and enjoy an unforgettable purchase experience. At ChinaDivision, we are dedicated to making your packaging stand out to your backers. We offer customized packaging and marketing inserts, such as giveaways and Thank You Notes, delighting your customers and bringing them great satisfaction. What’s more, kitting and assembling service is also available at ChinaDivison as per your request.

In addition, our order management system allows visibility of your inventory, shipping status and sales reports, available 24/7 on our dashboard. With real-time control of your inventory and shipping status, you don’t need to worry about running out of stock or delayed shipping, and just committed to building the foundation of your business.

Focus on Product Creation

Have you ever suffered from filing the orders, picking & packing, calculating the shipping cost etc. all by yourself? The whole process takes your eye off the ball and lead to a distraction because you are dealing with non-value creating activities that will not lead to innovation of your business in the long run.

By partnering with an order fulfillment company like ChinaDivision, you can take advantage of its customized and comprehensive order fulfillment solutions, and just focus on product creation and improvement activities.

We’d love to get more information on what you are looking for and learn what your project is about. Request a free quote and our dedicated business development manager will be ready to help.

How does ChinaDivision Process Order Fulfillment for you?

Among so many order fulfillment companies, ChinaDivision is a rather young but energetic group, offering low-cost and high-efficiency order fulfillment services. Based in Shenzhen, China, ChinaDivision sets up a hub facility in Shenzhen and concentrates on providing order fulfillment services from China, which covers sourcing high quality goods, warehousing, picking, quality check, packing, shipping and handling returns. All these important while trivial and distracted things could be safely handed over to ChinaDivision.

So as an order fulfillment expert, how does ChinaDivision streamline the whole order fulfillment process?

Order fulfillment process - ChinaDivision
ChinaDivision – Order fulfillment process

(The General Order Fulfillment Process by ChinaDivision)

1.Get contact

2.Product Sourcing


4. Pick, Quality Check, Pack, Ship

5.Inventory & Shipments Management

6.Returns Handling

Anyone who’s ready to enjoy the carefree and quality order fulfilling services can get contact with ChinaDivision easily. Just go to, sign up and fill in some basic information such as your name, email address and phone number, then a specially assigned business development manager will answer questions for you.

Of course you can source by yourself. But If you just have a vague business plan while have no idea about sourcing, please don’t hesitate to turn to ChinaDivision. Yep, ChinaDivision is not offering order fulfillment services in the narrow sense, on the contrast, ChinaDivision streamlines it. As a local and professional company, ChinaDivision has established quite close relationships with product manufacturers in China, thus ChinaDivision can match you with the most suitable sourcing option.

Not only sourcing, ChinaDivision can also offer warehousing service. So after you finish product sourcing or trust ChinaDivision with this matter, you can have the product delivered to ChinaDivision and ChinaDivision will retain and stock it for you, surely under your real-time control. ChinaDivision develops a customized Warehouse Management System for you to manage the inventory flexibly and simply.

And it’s great that ChinaDivision will have the item stored in warehouse for free within 30 days. The order fulfillment services offered by ChinaDivision runs rather smoothly. So once you get order from clients and inform ChinaDivision, they would help you finish all the follow-up work, including picking, double quality check, packing and shipping. And guess what? The surprising thing is that ChinaDivision can offer customized packaging depending on your requirements, which helps boosting your own brand a lot.

Always worrying about the lagging logistics information? Now you can rest assured! Because ChinaDivision has tactfully figured out a solution to this problem by building an international logistics infrastructure. And as for inventory management, ChinaDivision open clients access to inventory dashboard, on which you can view your products’ status, shipping costs and validate addresses. Address Validation can make a reduction in returns and chargebacks.

ChinaDivision offers well-organized order fulfillment services, which covers handling returns professionally for you. So if any sales returns happen, ChinaDivision would check carefully the returned item, then notify you, and finally settle it upon your request. If needed, ChinaDivision can even offer prompt customer service for you.

As mentioned above, the order fulfillment process by ChinaDivision, serving as your order fulfillment expert from China, is extraordinarily simple and user-friendly, hence enables you to bypass being distracted so as to focus on the real important thing like customer mining and brand promotion.

Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision

Choosing the right order fulfillment company can be tricky since every company out there claims to be the best. Creation and advertising of products are major factors affecting customer experience, but that is not all, products delivery is a major concern. Ecommerce order fulfillment helps merchants to deliver the products sold via online platform from the warehouse to the customers. Here is a review of Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision which are the top three order fulfillment in the companies. This review will help to determine the best company especially if you are sourcing your goods from China.

Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment from China Price Comparison
Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment from China Price Comparison

Sourcing the inventory
Inventory sourcing is the first major step in any business. Customers are always looking for the best products that are worth their money. You need to research well before making any purchase to ensure that the product you intend to buy meets the required standard. Sellers ship their products ware houses owned by order fulfillment companies for repacking and quality check. Amazon and shipwire require that you conduct your research then send them detailed information describing the products you intend to buy. ChinaDivision makes the whole process of sourcing your products much easier. With the understanding of China’s economy and culture, ChinaDivison has been able to partner with best companies in China. This local advantage has made inventory sourcing from China very easy.

One of the major functions of any order fulfillment company is to offer a storage facility of products before they are shipped to the customer. Warehousing in e-commerce order fulfillment allows activities such as repacking, weighing and quality check to be carried out on products before shipping to the customer. Warehousing charges differ with among different companies offering order fulfillment services. Amazon warehousing fee depends on the quantity of the products and activities to be carried out on the order before shipping it to the customer. However, Amazon offers quantity discount thus lowering the cost of shipping huge orders. Shipwire, on the other hand, is does not offer quantity discount that is a great disadvantage. ChinaDivision has out beaten them all since it offers 30 days free warehousing which reduces the cost of handling orders significantly.

Money saving options
Ecommerce order fulfillment offers various ways for saving money. The companies listed here handle huge orders thus they can cut costs from quantity discounts. However, ChinaDivison local advantages give it a strong purchasing power that enables it to bargain for steep discounts. Some of the local advantages include the understanding of Chinese culture, language, and different markets.

Less transit time
Amazon has warehouses in different geographical locations in China a factor that slows order processing. Shipwire and ChinaDivision on the other hand, have their warehouses located near international parcel processing center Hong Kong hence quick order processing and shipping. In fact, ChinaDivision observes the same day fulfillment policy to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Customer service
The quality of the services offered by any company offering order Fulfillment Company is a great concern for every customer. Amazon has been known to offer highly quality services for a significant period. It has more location than the other companies and can handle huge orders. If the customer encounters any problem, he/she can contact the Amazon support team. However, due to the high automation of their system, there are some loopholes in their service delivery. A major issue that has been of great concern is that if an order is lost or canceled the customer is not personally notified.

Transparency is one of the major factors that affect service delivery. Several complaints have been reported about shipwire having hidden charges, shipping errors and hidden policies among other misconducts.

To enhance service delivery, ChinaDivison has a system that allows any order to be tracked in real time. This enhances convenience and efficiency thus leading to a great customer experience.
To wrap it up all, ChinaDivison emerges as the best order fulfillment company for individuals sourcing their products from China. Although it might take longer to ship products from China to the US than it is within the US, this company still offers the best customer services at a fair price. China has been rated as the major export of a wide range of products to the world thus choosing a Chinese order fulfillment local company will allow you to enjoy the local advantages and high-quality services.

5 Awesome Ways That ChinaDivision Can Help Improve Your Business Profitability

A well managed and customer obsessed order fulfillment service helps in improving the personal experience of the buyer. It’s generally agreeable that shipping orders, especially in large numbers can be a challenging task. Handling an order fulfillment covers a number of steps. Whether it’s tracking shipments, inventory service, printing logos and shipping labels, your business can benefit immensely from working with a reliable and reputable end to end fulfillment service. Here are 5 awesome benefits of using ChinaDivision as your preferred order fulfillment service provider in china.

business grows

  1. Simplify inventory management

Managing inventory is an arduous and complicate task especially for businesses that sell their goods through multiple channels. Maybe you have an online store and some other products on eBay or Alibaba, so how do you track your inventory when you have orders coming from everywhere? With ChinaDivision custom order fulfillment service, your business can benefit from the robust integration and tracking tools that the company offers. With their help, you can be guaranteed that you will be able to run your business more effectively.

  1. Working with a order fulfillment service provider saves you of crucial time

When you work with a specialized order fulfillment agent, you will have enough time left for your core business operations. This is because they will handle everything regarding your business-from receiving orders, packing, labeling, shipping and tracking. This also ensures that your customers receive whatever they have ordered quickly.

  1. Reduced transit time

Many customers have complained that it takes a long time before they receive what they ordered for from the sellers. This complaint can be sorted out by working with an e-commerce order fulfillment service provider that’s located within a short distance from an airport. While this helps to reduce transit time considerably, It also offers a high level of efficiency that improves customer experiences while also attracting more buyers to your business. ChinaDivision helps in ensuring that your customers receive whatever they have ordered from you within a short period of time.

  1. Reduced manpower and operational costs

Working with a world class dropship agent that offers order fulfillment company from China really helps in cutting down on labor costs. For instance, you won’t have to hire a warehouse staff and pay them compensation. These savings translates to improved profitability for your business. With the help offered by ChinaDivision your business and customers can benefit from cheaper international shipping and a wide rang of other custom services such as printing a logo on the shipping packaging or including a card in the customer’s package at a reduced cost. Moreover, the order fulfillment company won’t charge you for their storage space in China.

  1. Wider coverage

It’s satisfying having an ecommerce order fulfillment company that ships to all the countries where your customers come from. The experienced order fulfillment company will help you source for high quality goods from Chinese companies and ship them to your customers situated in such parts of the world such as Europe and North America. The order fulfillment service company is able to pick orders from your company, pack the products and deliver to your customers from all over the world.