What’s the Monthly Best Sellers on Amazon.com ? (for the U.S. Market)


Here at ChinaDivision, we share the monthly best sellers on Amazon.com to help Amazon online retailers grab different demands of your consumers on the U.S. market.


January: Selling season for winter clothing. There are many discounts.

February: February 14, Valentine’s Day in the United States, is the hot selling season for gardening tools, fashion accessories, jewelry, watches, bags and other gifts.

March: Spring is the selling season of apparel as well as gardening tools on Easter, March 31. Beauty products will rebound strongly along with the new arrivals in Spring. Demand for household products will also increase rapidly during spring and summer. Besides, sports goods, such as water sports equipment, outdoor products and table tennis are getting popular.

April: Gardening tools keep hot seller in April on the American market. Meanwhile, demand for women’s shoes, bridesmaid’s gown and other wedding supplies also soars sharply during this wedding season.

May: May 12, Mother’s Day, is the selling season for gardening tools, fashion accessories, jewelry, luggage products and greeting cards.

June: June is graduation season as well as Father’s Day, June 16. Air conditioners and other refrigeration appliances will begin selling in June. Mobile phones and other consumer electronics products sell well at the same time. Table tennis and water sports products are also popular in the spring and summer.

July: July 4, the U.S. Independence Day. Furniture and household goods will be hot seller because of demands such as wedding.

August: Students’ back-to-school shopping season. Clothing, shoes, mobiles, consumer electronics, office supplies and sporting goods are among the best sellers.

September: September 2, the U.S. Labour Day. Clothing and cosmetics will be hot seller in Autumn. Besides, ski equipment will be popular as well.

October: October 31, Halloween. There will be a heavy discount for sports products and hot sell for plush toys in October.

November: November 28, Thanksgiving Day, hot selling season for gardening tools, cosmetics, plush toys and all kinds of gifts.

December: December 25, Christmas Day. Gardening tools and heating equipment are popular in this season while clothing and shoes keep hot seller. Fashion accessories, jewelry and watches in December will account for a quarter of annual sales. Besides, there are other hot sellers, such as mobile phones, consumer electronics, sports goods, ski equipment and plush toys.


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