Amazon Order Fulfillment VS ChinaDivison Order Fulfillment

There is no doubt that the 21st century is the era of shopping online, thus for online merchants, sourcing, warehousing, shipping, and other extended services become the hottest issues. Faced with these important but trivial things, the smartest option is outsourcing all these order fulfillment services above. And as China plays a much more important role as a recognized major exporter than ever, choosing a right order fulfillment agent from China appears to be wise.

But here comes the question, although every company claims to be the best one, which is truly trustworthy still remains unknown. Below is the comparison between Amazon and its alternative, ChinaDivision, so as to find out the better option.

Claimed to be a world-class customer fulfillment service provider, Amazon developed a system called FBA, which helps both Amazon and non-Amazon sellers. However, when it refers to offering the order fulfillment service from China, the famous one doesn’t always turn to be the right one.


  • Much Lower Pricing

For merchants outsourcing order fulfillment from China, the reason why they are eating this attractive piece of cake is that they see lower cost and higher profit in it, and there is no exaggeration to say, this is all merchants’ goals. In this sense, the top fatal disadvantage of FBA is their sky high costs. Amazon order fulfillment fees depend on product type, the dimension and weight of the item and the channel the item gets sold on. And the truth is, tens of thousands of Amazon users complain about FBA charges. When you sign up with a FBA account, Amazon charges initial setup fee, while another order fulfillment service provider similar to Amazon, ChinaDivision, does not. Furthermore, Amazon order fulfillment fees include fulfillment fees, monthly storage fees and inventory placement service. And fulfillment fee can be again divided into order handling, pick & pack and weight handling. Better yet, if your products doesn’t sell that well, you’ll have your inventory stored in Amazon’s warehouse, which means in the long run you have to pay a substantial extra price.

On the contrary, as a China-based company and Amazon’s competitor, ChinaDivision allows you to benefit from much lower costs, compared to Amazon. So ChinaDivision doesn’t charge you the so-called initial setup fee, as mentioned above, pack fee or inventory placement fee as Amazon does charge. And the great news is that they openly offer clients with free storage service within 30 days, which is even negotiable.

Amazon Order Fulfillment VS ChinaDivison Order Fulfillment:

Amazon ChinaDivision
Initial setup fee ×
Fulfillment fee Including order handling, pick & pack and weight handling) No pack fee.
Monthly storage fee Free for goods under 10 CBM within 30 days
Inventory placement fee ×

(Amazon Order Fulfillment Charges VS ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment Charges)


Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment from China Price Comparison
Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment from China Price Comparison
  • Better Extended Services

Surprisingly, ChinaDivision also defeats Amazon in other aspects. As a one-stop China based platform, ChinaDivision focuses on helping clients streamline order fulfillment from China and it offers well-coordinated services from sourcing, warehousing, pick&pack, shipping to handling returns. Both Amazon and ChinaDivision serve as customer order fulfillment agents, the former appears to be less caring. Take warehousing for example, Amazon has established quite strict requirements for items to be stored, including packaging and time of arrival. In the case that requirements are not met, Amazon would reject the product without paying for the transportation both ways. Conversely, Amazon’s competitor, ChinaDivision, serves in a distinctly different manner. If there’s any discrepancies, ChinaDivision would get contact with clients directly and promptly, till the problem get resolved.

For order fulfillment services, first comes the order. So if unfortunately, your products don’t sell like hot cakes or even worse, your account gets killed, Amazon would again hit you for it costs much whether you choose to have items sent back or disposed of. And assume that you are cautious enough and just store a small quantity of products in Amazon warehouse, another problem could occur if your products sell well. Because it’s highly possible that you might drop in ranking due to stockout, since it consumes too much time in shipping to Amazon. And once it happens, it’s very hard to get the golden age back. In this view, ChinaDivision displays strong advantages over Amazon. Similar to but not exactly the same as Amazon, ChinaDivision has established a hub facility in Shenzhen, so it’s extremely convenient for it to source and replenish goods, thereby saving your time and money.

ChinaDivision aims at developing along with clients’ business, hence it processes returns efficiently and is committed to reducing chargeback rate by double quality-check before shipping.

Compared order fulfillment services by Amazon with that by Amazon alternative, ChinaDivision, conclusion can be drawn that for merchants who’s planning to outsource order fulfillment from China, ChinaDivision should be a better option since it stands for less cost and better service.

Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision

Choosing the right order fulfillment company can be tricky since every company out there claims to be the best. Creation and advertising of products are major factors affecting customer experience, but that is not all, products delivery is a major concern. Ecommerce order fulfillment helps merchants to deliver the products sold via online platform from the warehouse to the customers. Here is a review of Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision which are the top three order fulfillment in the companies. This review will help to determine the best company especially if you are sourcing your goods from China.

Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment from China Price Comparison
Shipwire VS Amazon FBA VS ChinaDivision Order Fulfillment from China Price Comparison

Sourcing the inventory
Inventory sourcing is the first major step in any business. Customers are always looking for the best products that are worth their money. You need to research well before making any purchase to ensure that the product you intend to buy meets the required standard. Sellers ship their products ware houses owned by order fulfillment companies for repacking and quality check. Amazon and shipwire require that you conduct your research then send them detailed information describing the products you intend to buy. ChinaDivision makes the whole process of sourcing your products much easier. With the understanding of China’s economy and culture, ChinaDivison has been able to partner with best companies in China. This local advantage has made inventory sourcing from China very easy.

One of the major functions of any order fulfillment company is to offer a storage facility of products before they are shipped to the customer. Warehousing in e-commerce order fulfillment allows activities such as repacking, weighing and quality check to be carried out on products before shipping to the customer. Warehousing charges differ with among different companies offering order fulfillment services. Amazon warehousing fee depends on the quantity of the products and activities to be carried out on the order before shipping it to the customer. However, Amazon offers quantity discount thus lowering the cost of shipping huge orders. Shipwire, on the other hand, is does not offer quantity discount that is a great disadvantage. ChinaDivision has out beaten them all since it offers 30 days free warehousing which reduces the cost of handling orders significantly.

Money saving options
Ecommerce order fulfillment offers various ways for saving money. The companies listed here handle huge orders thus they can cut costs from quantity discounts. However, ChinaDivison local advantages give it a strong purchasing power that enables it to bargain for steep discounts. Some of the local advantages include the understanding of Chinese culture, language, and different markets.

Less transit time
Amazon has warehouses in different geographical locations in China a factor that slows order processing. Shipwire and ChinaDivision on the other hand, have their warehouses located near international parcel processing center Hong Kong hence quick order processing and shipping. In fact, ChinaDivision observes the same day fulfillment policy to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Customer service
The quality of the services offered by any company offering order Fulfillment Company is a great concern for every customer. Amazon has been known to offer highly quality services for a significant period. It has more location than the other companies and can handle huge orders. If the customer encounters any problem, he/she can contact the Amazon support team. However, due to the high automation of their system, there are some loopholes in their service delivery. A major issue that has been of great concern is that if an order is lost or canceled the customer is not personally notified.

Transparency is one of the major factors that affect service delivery. Several complaints have been reported about shipwire having hidden charges, shipping errors and hidden policies among other misconducts.

To enhance service delivery, ChinaDivison has a system that allows any order to be tracked in real time. This enhances convenience and efficiency thus leading to a great customer experience.
To wrap it up all, ChinaDivison emerges as the best order fulfillment company for individuals sourcing their products from China. Although it might take longer to ship products from China to the US than it is within the US, this company still offers the best customer services at a fair price. China has been rated as the major export of a wide range of products to the world thus choosing a Chinese order fulfillment local company will allow you to enjoy the local advantages and high-quality services.