Useful Tips for Shopify Store Owners Who Drop-ship from AliExpress

E-commerce seems to be so easy now, with the help of AliExpress drop-shipping and apps like Oberlo, everyone can open a Shopify store within minutes. Since it’s such a low hanging fruit, a lot of people throw themselves into this business. However, some of them get frustrated pretty quickly, and begin to doubt the feasibility of AliExpress drop-shipping. In fact, drop-shipping is still profitable, the only problem is how to do it. Here are some useful tips for Shopify store owners to establish a successful drop-ship business and benefit from holiday sale in the coming logistics peak season.

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Sell products you know well.

Through the questions like “How to find the profitable product to sell” online, we can see that a lot people are confused about product selection. It is known that finding the right products to sell is important, but how? There are a few ways to go. One of them, the starter-friendly way is to sell products you know well, the products you are passionate about, or from long time hobbies. By doing this, you can select your target audience more accurately, because you ARE the target audience. You are clear about what the consumers want, need and cared about. It will be easier to become the expert seller who can provide the practical assistance, which is a big boost to the business. For example, if you are a cooking enthusiast, selling kitchen gadgets will be a good idea. It also throws light on your marketing strategies, make videos or write blogs about cooking, people will be love to buy from the expert.


Choose the vendor wisely.

Once you have selected the products, it’s time to search them in AliExpress. A lot of vendors will be found, it’s better to sort the results by “best-selling”. Remember to watch for the seller ratings when browsing the products. Besides the sales and reputation, there are other principles to screen the vendors.

Choose the vendor whose shipping options suit your needs. Global shipping is an important part of AliExpress drop-shipping, which can be time and money consuming. Negotiating with Chinese suppliers can be both important and difficult. In order to know whether the shipping methods they provide suit your needs or not, the Shopify store owners have to be patient enough to check every detail because of the language barrier and cultural difference.

Choose the vendor who handle returns. Returns can be painful, that’s why a lot of clothes/accessories sellers are cautious about using drop-shipping. Product return or exchange relates to the shopping experience, it’s better to let the consumers know that they can buy your products without worries behind. A specific term of return is essential, which means as the Shopify store owner, you have to know the vendor’s return and exchange policies very well.

There is an alternative option. In fact, there is no need to deal with the hassles above by yourself. ChinaDivision is here to help. As the full service order fulfillment company in China, ChinaDivision not only provides multiple shipping methods to suits every e-commerce business owner’s needs, but also help to deal with returns and exchanges, which is a good alternative fulfillment option for AliExpress drop-shipping.


Have the products inspected.

No matter how careful you chose the vendor, don’t skip the inspection step. The samples the vendors sent you are good doesn’t mean every batch of the products will be good. One of the disadvantages of AliExpress drop-shipping is the e-commerce business owner lose control of the products, including quality control. In this case, it’s better to hire a third-party to inspect the products before shipping them to the end consumers. There are other advantages to doing this, please read more in this article Why Adding An Extra Link Between Drop-ship Suppliers and Consumers


Use multiple fulfillment solutions.

There is a saying that don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s better to use multiple fulfillment solutions, especially in the holiday season when every shipping method seems to be timely unreliable. Shopify store plus AliExpress drop-shipping is a starter friendly business model for sure, but there is still room for improvement. For example, use AliExpress drop-shipping plus small inventory model: Sell the products in stock to the consumers who don’t want to wait and provide a relatively expensive shipping option. Or use drop-ship plus ChinaDivision fulfillment model: ChinaDivision provides flexible shipping methods which ensures end-consumers with different needs can be satisfied. ChinaDivision also provides value-added services such as custom packaging, kitting, assembly, etc, to make up for every shortage of AliExpress drop-shipping.


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