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Shipping Fulfillment from China to US

To pick, pack and ship your orders, ChinaDivision streamlines and simplifies the whole fulfillment process while you focus on business expansion and brand upgrading.

ChinaDivision provides international shipping services from China to US with nationwide coverage for packagebeing shipped viaalternative international express andat competitive shipping rates.We pick, pack and ship your orders while you track your package from China to the USA in real time on your dashboard.

Shipping from China to US

Why choose ChinaDivision for your shipping?

Diversified shipping methods

Optimal shipping cost options to meet your budget

Secure storage and timely dispatch

Customized package and marketing inserts

Automated integration

Real-time tracking

What else can we do?

Ready to ship from China to the USA?

STEP 1: Consult & Implement

Contact about your specific needs, our dedicated Client Account Executive will work out a customized solution for you. He/she will also help you set up your account and create your online inventory.

STEP 2: Receive & Store

ChinaDivision receives goods from your suppliers and stores them in the warehouse (90 days for free) until orders are shipped.

STEP 3: Pick & Pack

ChinaDivision picks & packs according to your specifications with customized packing materials, labels and branding.

STEP 4: Ship

Orders are shipped by the cheapest shipping based on your requirement from China to the USA. Same day dispatch.

Tips for shipping to the United States

Some optional shipping methods from China to US and features:

Shipping Method Estimated Delivery Time
(business days)
Line Features
DHL 3-6 Fast and good service
EMS 5-10 Easy for customs clearance, average speed and good service
EUB 10-20 Low price, normal spped, easy for customs clearance
AIR 15-30 Very low price, low speed, easy for customs clearance

Contact information of US international express, Post and Customs:
















US customs



To streamline the one-stop sourcing processes and to ensure speed to market, after your local procurement is completed, ChinaDivison provides professional logistical services, FREE warehousing for 90 days and more advantages to help you simplify your business.

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