What Benefits can Artificial Intelligence Bring to eCommerce

1.Customer-centric visual search
Consumers are often disappointed with e-commerce experience because the product results showed are often irrelevant. To tackle this problem, AI uses natural language processing to narrow, contextualize and improve search results for online shoppers. Also, it allows to have visual search capabilities, finding and matching products. Also, AI enables shoppers to discover complementary products and enhance customer experience. Now, consumers may take a picture of a friend’s new shoes or new gym clothes, upload it and then AI enables consumers to easily find similar items through e-commerce stores. Sounds cool, right? Well, we have it, it is available for us! For example Amazon has this option, which allows you to point at product that you like and Amazon will identify it and give you the results you will most probably like because it will be exactly what you were searching for. I believe, that AI makes it as easy as possible for us to purchase products that we love online!

2. New level of personalisation

Now we can find a lot of AI solutions, An AI company analyzes different touch points to help the business analyse how customers are interacting online: via mobile app, web, email, etc. And AI engine is monitoring all devices and channels to create a universal customer view. So, not just one channel, but all the channels. And of course, it helps e-commerce retailers to deliver a seamless customer experience across all platforms. It will help to send relevant messages at the right time.

3. Chatbots and virtual assistants

E-Commerce is now focused on user experience. The use of artificial intelligence through the application of “chatbots” is just one way to drive the conversation in the era of conversational commerce. And it is actually more than that, chatbots can automate order processes. Also, they are an effective and low-cost way of providing 24/7 customer service and collect valuable data and track behavior. With chatbot, e-commerce sites can increase conversion rates by tailoring the online experience for the consumer. 

4.  Improve recommendations for customers 

With AI brands can more intelligently and efficiently predict customer behavior and demand, and offer relevant and helpful recommendations. Excellent example is Starbucks, it uses AI to analyse all the data it has gathered to deliver more personalised suggestions. The algorithm takes into account: customer’s information, customer preferences, purchase history, third-party data and contextual information.

5. Intelligent agents

New intelligent agent negotiation system has become a popular tool used in e-commerce. There are 3 main use cases: matching buyers and sellers; facilitating transactions; and providing institutional infrastructure. And guess what?! Everything in an automatic way!

6. Automation

AI doesn’t mean that the robots are taking over. Nowadays a lot of people are scared that everything will be done by robots in the nearest future. No, not really! Robots offer opportunity to retailers to provide exactly what the customer wants, when they want it, by using technology and algorithms. As firms in the e-commerce industry continue to expand and that means having a growing number of customers, automation becomes a must and became one of their top investment priorities for e-commerce stores. What is more, as we know, when eCommerce business starts growing, the number of repetitive tasks grows as well. Robots can take them over; everything from publishing new products on multiple channels to scheduling sales, giving discounts to loyal customers, etc.

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