Why did Amazon Fail in the Chinese E-commerce Market

This news has been a hot topic to the e-market business circle, Amazon decided to leave from China’s e-commerce market. The e–commerce market giant made two big mistakes in China. They arrived unfamiliar with the local markets and they left too early. And if they could keep staying in China’s market, the Chinese would admire that and eventually they could have turned it around.

Let’s come to the point directly: Amazon’s business trip in China was unaccustomed from its first day. But that does not mean that foreign companies cannot succeed in China, but that they must adapt to a different culture and allow them to remain open-minded and creative when they are in struggling.

If you want to be succeed in a market, every company has to face the same question: the point of the story is that to succeed in China as a business you have to establish customer and brand loyalty. That doesn’t happen overnight and McDonald’s had rocky times in the country as well, but they stayed in China, despite the odds.

Actually one player moved away does not mean China’s market is not making any profits. Now China’s e-commerce market is getting bigger and bigger, people have more choice to shop what they want , and at present, service and price are new battle field. Click this lick for more information: www.chinadivision.com

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