Dropshipping is Considered to be the Future Model of E-Commerce

“Dropshipping” is a business model where the retailer doesn’t actually keep the inventory in his or her possession nor process the orders. All orders are fulfilled and shipped directly from a wholesaler. This allows the retailer to focus on the marketing side of the business. From our years of experience, an online retailer that adopts this model looks identical to its conventional e-commerce competitors. Since customers only care about the product, the price and the reputation of the store, rather than how the products are sourced and who fulfill the shipments, dropshipping can be a well-kept secret in the e-commerce world. 

If you have a dropshipping fulfillment partner, you don’t have to  worry about sourcing for large quantities of each item. With a turn-key e-commerce storefront like Shopify and a dropshipping app like Oberlo, the whole process is streamlined considerably. The retailer can choose to contact the wholesalers by e-mail to notify them that their products are now being carried at the store. The rest of the process, such as importing product photos, changing prices and order tracking, can be easily done from the User Center dashboard. ChinaDivision has a well-developed User Center where you can handle your orders, sourcing, shipping information etc.

While the dropshipping model provides small startups with limited resources the opportunity to confidently compete with medium and large-sized online retailers, thus making the e-commerce world an equal playground for all. This being said, expect to see more e-commerce stores adopting this model in the future.


How Your Company May Benefit From Kitting & Assembly Services

As an online store owner, you may have heard about some services that are emerged from B2B business. If you are cooperating with international drop-shipping service, then Kitting & Assembly Services is what you need to make your business better.

Kitting (also called “product bundling”) is when two or more related items are packaged together in order to create one product/parcel that is ready to ship. While Assembly is the process of arranging all the components of a “kit” and readying it for shipment.

As an professional order fulfillment service provider, ChinaDivision has extensive experience creating multi-packs, club packs, promotion kits and other product kits.

There are some substantial benefits for your company when you utilize kitting and assembly services from a fulfillment center.

1- Orders are Fulfilled Faster for Less

When products are assembled in bulk, order fulfillment becomes quick and pick/pack costs are reduced as each kit is counted as one SKU.

2- Shipping Mistakes are Reduced

The chance of error goes down when items are shipped in kit form. Also, weighing and labeling individual items is eliminated, making it possible to pre-print shipping labels. Each eliminated step also eliminates a chance for error.

3- Packaging is Efficient and Cost-Effective

Postal costs are reduced when kits are packaged in a box that is customized in size and weight.

All of these benefits translate into big cost savings for you and better service for your customers.

Now get in touch with us (ChinaDivision Kitting & Assembling service) to discuss your specific projects and we’ll treat you as members of our family, with reliable cost-effective service and support. We look forward to hearing from you!


Distribution Centers Enable Companies to Improve Profitability

For distribution center, there is a common question of all online store owners: would it be better for me to receive the item and then ship it from my location or just have my seller ship it direct to my buyer?

Being a seller that does drop shipping is not as easy as it may sound to you.  There is a whole lot of work that goes into it and if this is something you are considering, you need to do your research.  And that research isn’t just FBA, but with whomever you are considering to be a drop shipper for you. You need a professional distribution center to assist you finishing the remain order process.

Along with figuring all that out.  You need to figure out how you are going to track inventory.  What you have listed verses what is available from your vendor. Out of stock  items can be deadly for your store. You need to be prepared.  The success of a company’s warehousing and distribution services can be important in their ability to delight customers.

As a result, even in this digital age, savvy business executives know effective and efficient supply chains result in optimized costs and increased profits. They know how to leverage Distribution Services to get financial results.

ChinaDivision is your ideal order distribution center. It takes care more than just shipping out your order, but also making your order more clear with a reasonable inventory list and dispatching list, as a professional order fulfillment center, ChinaDivision is capable and eager to work with you to improve your profitability.


What is Your Strategy of Choosing Products for Your Store

When you choose the products from China supplier,  it is better based on their USP (unique selling point). the following strategies are also good choice when choosing what products to sell:

  • Does the product solve the potential customers’ problem?
  • Does the product offers benefits rather than features to the customer?
  • Can the product be purchased in any physical stores?
  • Is the product too saturated in the online market?
  • How about the dropshipping?

Make sure you have enough products in store to offer to customers and add at least 2 new products and/or delete old listings twice a month. This practice will ensure that your listings are current and customers will be excited to visit your store as there will be always new product additions. The prices that you set are recommend by your dedicated supplier, and you will find them quite well structured according to the price range.

With this way of selling after some months, you’d be surprised about the result.

ChinaDivision is always your professional order fulfillment agent, not only we can boost  your sales, but can also upgrade your branding. Click for more infos.


Singles’ Day Celebration–the Largest eCommerce Event

What is the biggest shopping day of the year? If you guessed Black Friday, you’re wrong. Instead, it’s Singles’ Day, Nov. 11 (or 11/11 – a bunch of ones, like singles).

We have written about the social and cultural behavior of urban Chinese youth and pointed out that well-meaning foreigners, middle-aged Chinese, and a wary government dismiss much of this behavior as copying the Westerners because it doesn’t fit into standard Chinese stereotypes. Now emerging from a vast social transformation over the course of three tight decades, the new Chinese culture developing is in fact profoundly Chinese, but no longer representative of a China that was once rural, uneducated and inward-turning.

The primary reason is China’s burgeoning e-commerce market. China is the world’s largest e-commerce market, with a significant lead on other markets, including the U.S. ($450.81bn), UK ($110.07bn) and Japan ($95.33bn). Ecommerce sales in China are expected to pass $1.132 trillion in 2017, accounting for nearly half of worldwide retail ecommerce sales, according to eMarketer.

Additionally, the U.S. lags behind far China in terms of mobile payments. Even QR codes, which have largely flopped in the U.S., are used everywhere in China to buy goods. According to iResearch Consulting Group, which measures online audiences in China, the gross merchandise volume (GMV) of online payments in the country reached 57.7 trillion yuan in 2016, amounting to about 50 times the GMV of similar transactions in the United States, which is estimated by market research firm Forrester Research at US$112 billion. This huge gap is explained by China’s relatively underdeveloped credit card system which has led to the “leapfrog development” of online payment.

The CIIE–China International Import Exhibition) are now hot in Shanghai, with this event, the globe will see how big the Chinese domestic demand, and the coming Single Day’s Shopping Event will surely be handing in a satisfactory answer to the globe. As the major participant in the event, ChinaDivision has been partnering the global enterprises to fulfill their order fulfillment need.






7-step Approach Works Best for Attracting New Clients

1. Identify Your Ideal Client

It’s easier to look for customers if you know the type of consumers you seek. Without a composite of your ideal customer, you probably wouldn’t know where to start looking. (Order fulfillment Company)

“Have a crystal clear picture in your head of exactly who you’re targeting,” says OPEN Forum community member Nicole Beckett, president of Premier Content Source. “Think about what makes those types of people happy, sad, scared, relieved, and then think about how you can make their lives a little easier.”

Narrow down the focus of your ideal client and avoid making broad target market statements, such as every woman, every man or all baby boomers. Few products appeal to that vast of a group of people, and overstating your market will prevent you from developing viable targeted strategies for attracting clients.

2. Discover Where Your Customer Lives

With your targeted customers in mind, “identify those places where they are likely to be found (media, online, offline, mail, etc.), and then create messages for them,” says Jeff Motter, CEO and chief marketing officer of East Bay Marketing Group.

Where you look for customers will depend on the nature of your business. Some good online locations include forums and social media pages, including your own and those of similar or complementary businesses. Offline, you can meet plenty of potential customers at conferences and conventions in your industry.

3. Know Your Business Inside and Out

Thoroughly understanding your industry and having a firm knowledge of your product or service is critical to being able to attract interested clients. When you know your product backward and forward, that fact comes through. The people who would be interested in your offerings can see how knowledgeable you are and will seek your assistance. (order fulfillment services in China)

4. Position Yourself as the Answer

Give potential clients you come into contact with a good reason to try your services, which is your first step to making them loyal customers.

Provide value and establish yourself as having an in-depth understanding of the problems they are looking to solve. This takes the form of creating content via webinars, blog posts, guest blogging, and getting out there and physically networking with people. From all this you will start to attract a following, and as long as you have a structured sales funnel setup, you will be able to convert the followers/fans into paying customers.

5. Try Direct Response Marketing

Your best bet for reaching out and touching customers is to use tactics to encourage them to complete a specific action, such as opt into your email list or request more information.

Create messages directed at your target market, suggests Motter. “Learn to create ads that attract your ideal clients by giving them something of value for free to get them started in your funnel. Learn all you can about direct response marketing practices, because they will teach you to focus on results that matter. Create compelling messages that tell your ideal audience why they’d have to be a fool not to work with you. Show them you understand their pain, and can make it go away faster and cheaper than they could without you.”

6. Build Partnerships

Teaming up with businesses that offer complementary services offers you the opportunity to take advantage of synergy, which can be very effective in building a business. For instance, if you have a company that specializes in SEO, consider teaming up with a business that builds websites.

When all is said and done, nurturing relationships, either with other business owners or customers, helps you create a client base, Beckett suggests. “Focus on building human relationships. The stronger your relationships are, the more likely your customers will be to tell their friends about you. And, the more likely they’ll be to come back.” (order fulfillment)

7. Follow Up

After your efforts to bring in business, always remember to close the loop, suggests Josh Sprague, CEO of Orange Mud. “Remember to set follow up tasks (follow up to sample sent, etc.), and execute your plan. So many leads and great conversations are wasted because you forget to follow up.” Doing this simple step is sure to get your client base to grow.

How Does B2B Company Stunning Itself on Double 11?

Since 2009, this year has been the tenth year of double 11, but consumers have maintained the super enthusiastic with the event.There is no doubt that with the arrival of the double eleven, this year’s Ali will continue the great event as before.
Besides Ali, e-commerce giants such as Jingdong and Suning all have a good performance in the double 11.
In comparison, the B2B industry of the e-commerce companies in the double 11 shopping carnival seems a little lonely.

So does that mean that B2B are without luck of this super event?

The industrial Internet is different from the consumer Internet, which generally refers to the Internet application with producers as users and production activities as application scenarios, and is embodied in the transformation of the production, transaction, financing and circulation of each industry by the Internet.Therefore, the demand of B2B is more prudent and rational than that of B2C, and B2B fixed periodic property of the industry, which is hard to be controlled by artificial “knot making” activities.
But even cautious and rational, have a fixed period the demand of the property, have been touched, double tenth a the party to continue fermentation, the demand will to side B, C, engineering products, raw materials, project, a series of big gesture interaction and influence of “double 11 carnival” extremely important, is not only the consumption side, all kinds of electricity has a cake in the party.Although there will be no explosive trade growth in the B2B industry for the time being, the increase in overall e-commerce traffic and the expansion of heat can still bring a lot of growth to the B2B industry.

How does B2B company stunning itself on Double 11?
Actually we can see this year B2B platforms follow B2C platforms. For example, CNstorm.com, a popular logistics integration and transportation platform, has launched a series of preferential policies, including voucher deduction, big return of red packets and cash collection, in order to stimulate purchase demand, improve transaction efficiency and enhance brand image.The sheer size of the deal speaks volumes about CNstorm.com’s commitment to customers and the determination of a large number of B2B companies represented by its ChinaDivision.com order fulfillment service to “get things done” on nov 11.

Refusing to play a supporting role, where is the future of B2B?
Today many industries are faced with the circumstance of passive change.And the biggest opportunity in this kind of change is precisely how to enter the business model change of brick-and-mortar enterprises through e-commerce and big data application. And own a exclusive logistics line, and guarantee the quality of service. Then we see the future of B2B might be here.
There are challenges and opportunities. Faced with the great chance of “double 11”, I believe there will be more B2B brands like ChinaDivision.com, jumping out of the way. And future double 11 will not only the exclusive carnival festival of B2C merchants.

How To Conduct Email Marketing For Crowdfunding Projects


There are many aspects to consider in the successful launch of a crowdfunding activity, such as shooting an appropriate video for the crowdfunding platform, creating a landing page with high conversion rate, opening social media accounts and operation, contacting public relations, placing appropriate and accurate advertisements, etc. One of the most important thing is the use of email marketing to facilitate user transformation.

The subject line of the email should be based on its emotions and urgency and make it as simple as possible, do not use any junk words.Try to avoid using a particularly official voice in emails, but use the tone of a letter between friends.

An email has a single goal and a single call to action: forwarding, watching video, participating in a lottery, buying, etc.;Insert the product picture with high texture to increase the user’s desire to buy. (Crowdfunding Order Fulfillment)


When you’ve written an email, inserted a beautiful image, and clicked the “send” button, you think this will make everyone happy? Absolutely not.After the email sent, all we need to do is analyze and judge the performance of the email according to the data.The three most critical statistics for evaluating an email are delivery rate, opening rate and click-rate.

Delivery rate, refers to the percentage of mail you send that reaches the other person’s inbox successfully.Failed deliveries include mail address errors, messages judged as spam by the server, and so on.Delivery rate is an indicator of whether your mailing list is healthy.If the source of the mail is unknown (it is not recommended to buy an email address for marketing), this will cause a lower rate of delivery .

Open rate, refers to the percentage of people who have opened your email as a percentage of those who have successfully delivered it to their inbox.Once the message arrives in their inbox, all we have to do is get them to open it.Title (preview content) and sender (individual or company?)Is the most important factor affecting the open rate of mail.The subject line of the email needs to be taken care of by the user and should be relevant and describe what they should expect when they read the entire email.With 50% of emails now open on your phone, it’s best to shorten the title (or main content) to less than 25 characters.

Click rate, refers to the percentage of people who have clicked the mail button as a percentage of those who have successfully delivered it to their inbox.Another variant is click to open, which refers to the proportion of people who have clicked the mail button as a percentage of those who have opened it.It is more recommended to use the latter to evaluate whether the mail content is relevant.To achieve a high click-through rate, it is necessary to segment the people in the mailing list, discover and push the content they are interested in.

Above are some notes about the use of email marketing in the crowdfunding process.