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Frequently asked questions about Chinadivision and common definition terms.

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Q: Can I upgrade the service level of my shipment while in route?

A: As long as the order does not have a status of "Shipped" or "Processing," you or your account executive can place an order on hold, make changes to address information, or cancel the order. Changes to the shipping method or products must be made by your account executive.

Q: Can my customers get e-mail notification of my shipment's progress or status?

A: Upon shipping your order, the dashboard will pass the shipped status along with a related tracking number (if applicable) to your CRM. Depending on the capabilities of your CRM or E-Commerce platform, a "Shipped" confirmation email may be generated by your CRM/E-Commerce platform and sent to the consumer.

Q: How do I change the address on my shipment?

A: If the order status is not "Shipped" or "Processing," you can change the address by clicking on the edit icon in the "Actions" column. Once the order is open, select the "Shipping address" tab and update any information that is needed. Click "Save" and you are done!

Q: What does it mean if I see "billing information received" or "electronic shipping information received"?

A: If you see either of these two shipping messages, the shipping company has received your information and tracking number but your package has not been scanned in their facility yet. Wait a day or two and see if the problem resolves itself.

Q: What if my order is lost or damaged?

A: If your order is lost or damaged, we will file a claim for you. If you are sending us a package through your own shipper, you will need to file the claim with them.

Q: How long does it take for my order to go out after you receive it?

A: ChinaDivision fills all orders within 24 hours of receipt, provided they are approved to ship. Shipments will not be processed on Sundays, holidays, or during any event that would cause a facility to close (acts of God, severe inclement weather, etc.). However, fulfillment of orders is our core priority.

Q: How do we need to notify ChinaDivision when we are sending our inventory to one of the ChinaDivision warehouses?

A: Send an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice). It will inform ChinaDivision of how many units we will be receiving from your supplier. An ASN is electronic information concerning a single shipment of movable units sent to a WMS from suppliers and sent from a WMS to customers. If you do not have this capability, please contact your sales manager for further information.

General Information

Q: Where do you have warehouses?

A: Our warehouse is located in Shenzhen of China, a neighbor city of Hong Kong, which is very convenient for handling exports.

Receiving FAQ's

Q: How long does it take to receive my product?

A: Our goal at ChinaDivision is to take no longer than one working day to update your inventory on our system. Receiving a shipment begins the moment we begin the receiving process to the moment the pallet is placed in its designated storage location. If any or all of ChinaDivision’s receiving requirements are not met, receiving time will increase, which in turn adds specialized receiving fees to your invoice.

Q: How can I ensure that the entire product I sent was received correctly?

A: Once your product arrives at our warehouse, it goes through a comprehensive receiving process. The quantities and product information are checked and verified against the provided packing slip. Any discrepancies are promptly reported to an Account Manager who will then contact you directly to remedy any order inconsistencies. Product weights are taken and recorded in our system to ensure that the right postage is applied to each of your orders. Each product received is recorded in our receiving logs for quick reference. Once the product is received completely, the product is placed in its designated storage location and the product quantities are added to the ChinaDivision dashboard inventory page, which provides real-time inventory management.

Q: Who do I notify before I send my product?

A: Please notify your sales manager prior to your product arriving so the Receiving Team is expecting it and can make proper arrangements based on the size of the shipment. You also need to send us an ASN(Advanced Shipping Notice) on CFS(ChinaDivision Fulfillment System) before your product arrives.

Set up and Billing

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: ChinaDivision accepts credit cards, wire transfers, PayPal and Alipay payments.

Q:Do you have long-term contracts?

A: No, our agreement can be terminated by either party with a 30 day notification.

Q: Do you have setup fees?

A: No, ChinaDivision does not charge a set up fee before any account set up can occur.

Tracking FAQ's

Q: How can my customer track their order?

A: This is flexible and fully customised, our tracking API enables you to display the tracking information on your website to your customer, or let them track the package themself through provided package ID and carrier. We're also building up a dedicated tracking page, so that you can send a link from your CRM or add a link to your order confirmation page for your customer to be able to track their package.

Q: How long until there is a tracking number for my customer?

A: Once the items are shipped you should receive a tracking number within 24 hours.


ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice)

Electronic information concerning a single shipment of movable units sent to a WMS from suppliers and sent from a WMS to customers. If you do not have this capability, please download a shipping notification form.

Commercial Invoice

A document used in foreign trade. It is used as a customs declaration provided by the person or corporation that is exporting an item across international borders.


The person to whom a shipment is to be delivered.


An authority or agency in any country responsible for collecting customs duties and for controlling the flow of goods into and out of a country.


A duty is a tax. The calculation of duties depends on the assessable value of a shipment.

International Priority Airmail (IPA)

This is an untracked service to almost anywhere internationally where your items travel by air directly from China to the destination countries. They never stop at an intermediate country along the way for posting. Upon arrival in the destination country, IPA items are delivered on a priority basis.


A portable platform for handling, storing, or moving materials and packages. Usually made of wood or plastic.


A package sent through the mail.

PO Box

A numbered box in a post office assigned to a person or organization, where mail for them is kept until collected.

Signature Confirmation

You require a signature for your package to be delivered.


A tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports.