Fulfillment Case Study - ChinaDivision

Case Study

At ChinaDivision, we provide clients with streamlined and comprehensive services.

Case I. B2C Women’s Dresses Online Shop

Client R is the owner of a world-famous women’s dresses brand. In early development, he chose to hire staff to ship to customers individually after their China-based suppliers ship goods to their own warehouse, which is less than satisfactory due to high warehouse rental rates, labor cost and import tax. A turning point came in cooperating with ChinaDivision - breakthroughs are made in sales volume, down cost together with customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Comparison Own warehouse and shipping Chinadivision Service
Logistics Sometimes delay We select the best cost-effective shipping method to assure timely arrival
Inventory Not well organized, always receive complaints about wrong or missing pieces Realize professional and real time inventory management via API, plugins and WMS
Cost High expenses for warehouse rental rates and labor cost FREE warehousing for the first three months.Handling fees are charged at moderately lower prices for each parcel shipped
Import Tax High FREE for parcel

Sales Volume: with a growth rates of as high as 350% .

Cost Down: cut down 35%

Customer Satisfaction: complaint rates dropped by 70%

Case II. Amazon Seller

Client E is a vendor on Amazon, selling electronic products. At very beginning, he hadn’t developed the sense of brand awareness, which is reflected by the poor performance in sales and profit. Things changed since ChinaDivision provides solutions as below:

Solutions and Service Value ChinaDivision
Customized Boxes We enable you to brand yourself with customized boxes, envelopes and labels to bring your customers a memorable purchasing experience
Marketing Inserts We help to add package inserts, including Flyers,Newsletters, Greeting cards, Giveaway products upon your specific demands
Package Design We offer to provide package design for designated product as well as shipment and gift package on key dates,such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,and Christmas especially.

Sales Volume: with a growth rates of as high as 250% .

Profit: increased by 30%

Customer Loyalty: have a great source of regular customers

To streamline the one-stop sourcing processes and to ensure speed to market, after the local procurement is completed, if you need ChinaDivison’s professional logistical services, FREE warehousing for 30 days and product shipping follows up.