Shopify Fulfillment Integration

Easy and Free Shopify Fulfillment Integration guideline

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Follow these steps to connect your STONE3PL account with your Shopify store.

1.After logging in your Shopify, go to this page "".
2.Click the button "Install app".
3.For the first time, sign in with your STONE3PL account. Then you will be navigated to the application's configuration page.
4.In the configuration page, you can select the option according to your needs.
By selecting the "Auto create order to STONE3PL" option, the new generated orders(the orders which are checked out and paid successfully) in your store will be automatically sent to STONE3PL. You have to manually create an order to STONE3PL in the app if this option is not checked.
Of course, you can skip this step by clicking the button "Not this time" or click "Submit" directly.
Auto sync order fulfillment data from STONE3PL: By selecting this option, the order processing data in STONE3PL will be automatically synchronized to your store. Otherwise you have to manually synchronize.
Auto create SKU to STONE3PL: By selecting this option, if you have added new products in your Shopify store, the product information will automatically be synchronized to STONE3PL. Or you have to add SKU information to STONE3PL manually.
More features will be developed in the future. If you have any further requirements, please contact us.
5.Before using this app, let's get familiar with the user interface.
6.View the order list in the application.
7.If your goods has already been stored in the STONE3PL warehouse, you can click the "Create order" button to synchronize the order informations to the STONE3PL system. STONE3PL will process and ship your orders according to the order informations.
If you have checked the "Auto create order to STONE3PL" option in the configuration page, you can skip this step, STONE3PL will receive the data as soon as a new paid order has been created from your store.
8.After the "Create SKU" or "Create Order" steps, you can click the "Go to STONE3PL" button to verify SKU and order information in the STONE3PL User Center.
9.After your order has been proccessed, you can click the button "Sync Shipping" to synchronize the shipping information/data from STONE3PL to your store, then your customer will receive the email about fulfillment soon afterwards. We advise you click the button once per day.