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Store, Pack and Ship directly from China

ChinaDivision.com is a leading provider of drop shipping, warehousing fulfillment, Supply Chain Management and global shipping from China services, If your manufacturer is in China, why not cope with us, ship directly from China and cut down your cost?


Worldwide Order Fulfillment from China

Orders are packed according to your specifications and shipped worldwide with the carrier of your choice. On-demand and custom eCommerce order fulfillment solutions support businesses of all sizes whether you are online merchants or crowdfunding creators.


Flexible Commerce Solutions

Connect your system through our API or plugins, we process your orders efficiently and accurately. Our flexible commerce solutions and pricing plans are customized to meet your needs and budget for business scalability and brand upgrading.


China Drop Shipping Service

You Chinese manufacturers fail to dropship orders to your global customers directly? Don’t worry. ChinaDivision is here to receive and group your orders from different suppliers and ship them to your customers worldwide. You check inventory and logistics status on our dashboard while we take care of the rest.

Companies partner with us to streamline their fulfillment needs, maximize their customer satisfaction and drive the next business growth.



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