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Kitting & Assembly Service

ChinaDivision has extensive experience creating multi-packs, club packs, promotion kits and other product kits.

What’s ChinaDivision Kiting & Assembly?

Our Kitting Services

  • Custom assembly and kitting designed for your product needs
  • Combine multiple products/packages into single packaged kits
  • Full quality assurance testing before product is packaged
  • Completed kits are mapped to a specific SKU
  • Package design and engineering
  • Bespoke packaging prototypes

  • Various packaging options
  • Porous paper, liners, corrugated cardboard, paperboard, vacuum, blister packs, displays, multi-packs, clamshell packaging, overwrap packaging, shrink wrap, cellophane wrapping, bubble wrapping, promotional packaging, etc.

Customized Shipping Service China
Customized Fulfillment Service with Real-time Monitoring

Our Advantages for Kitting & Assembly

  • Customer-oriented - We can coordinate the receiving of your separate products from various suppliers. Also, our order-grouping technology recognizes orders shipping to an identical address and person and groups the products into one shipment to save you on both packaging and postage costs.
  • State-of-the-art technology - Our top-notch fulfillment technology help you manage inventory from individual components to creation of new SKUs.
  • Efficiency and accuracy - Our product assembly team streamlines kitting processes and implement quality checks to ensure the accuracy of final kits.

Our Kitting Services Allow You to...

  • Simplify the distribution process by grouping and assembling your products from different suppliers.
  • Reduce storage space and inventory costs by combining multiple components into new product kits before delivery.
  • Reduce cycle time between order and delivery by advance kitting of products that are regularly shipped as a set.
  • Instantaneous response to various customers’ demand with our flexible and economical labor solutions.
Customized Fulfillment for Brand Upgrading

Our smooth and hassle free kitting and assembly service helps to enhance your supply chain and simplify the distribution process, contributing to higher efficiency and more sells.

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