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Think of us as your in-house fulfillment team

ChinaDivision is a dedicated China local office where clients around the world connect, both online and offline, to source, stock and ship international goods directly from China.

ChinaDivision is a famous B2B brand of CNstorm Co., LTD(which was founded in 2011 and engaged in sourcing and shipping products to overseas Chinese globally)

Executive Leadership

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Ethan Chang

Founder and CEO

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Michael Chan

Marketing SVP

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Wade Pan

Fulfillment VP

Trusted by brands and retailers globally

ChinaDivision has unmatched experience in delivering world-class solutions for our customers around the globe. We are always striving to grow your sales and improve your buyer experiences. See how our fulfillment and technology supports global eCommerce.

Warehouse Fulfillment China

Just ask your suppliers in China to send goods to our fulfillment warehouse. We will group and store products from various suppliers, Free for 90 days. You are hassle-free to check inventory status via our leading-edge warehouse management system.

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Worldwide Order Fulfillment

With a global selling network, you need a fulfillment center to reach your customers worldwide. ChinaDivision has the stability and scale for your business growth. Leveraging our powerful logistics network, get discounted last mile shipping from China.

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Kitting & Assembly

Need help to combine multiple components into new product kits before delivery or group and assemble your products from different suppliers? Partner with ChinaDivision to enhance your supply chain and simplify the distribution process.

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Brand Upgrading

As an online seller, you always realize brand is the key to long term development, as well as happy customers, but you are constantly distracted by other issues. What if ChinaDivision can help? Custom packaging, marketing inserts...

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Developer Center

Technology is at the core of everything we do. Our custom API and Plugins gives you the flexibility to quickly enter new markets, sell through different marketplaces and get real-time insights into your business.

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Our warehouse

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Technology oriented

  • Wide utilization of barcode technology
  • Large storage space
  • Online warehouse management system

Our honors

CNstorm Won the “PayPal Outstanding Business 2016”

PayPal, the world-leading payment platform, hold the Fifth China Cross-border eCommerce Conference in Guangzhou. As a young China-based expert provider in logistics and order fulfillment solutions for cross-border eCommerce, CNstorm has won the “PayPal Outstanding Business 2016” by meticulous service and strong performance, together with the other five well-known Chinese enterprises such as Ctrip and Globalegrow.

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ChinaDivision Senior Leaders Escorted Mayor of Shenzhen for a Visit to the UK

ChinaDivision was lucky to be a member of the business delegation, escorting Mayor of Shenzhen XU Qin for a week’s visit to the UK. One of the main itineraries of this trip was to celebrate the one year anniversary of Edinburgh Center (Edinburgh-Shenzhen Creative Exchange Program). ChinaDivision was appointed as the only shipper responsible for exhibit transportation.

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ChinaDivision CEO Met with Mayor of Bao’an District on Many Occasions

As an outstanding member of the Edinburgh-Shenzhen Creative Exchange Program (ESCE), ChinaDivision has received increasing attention from the municipal government as well as the district government. Earlier when the mayor of Bao’an district Yao Ren visited ESCE (Shenzhen center), ChinaDivision CEO was invited to join the meeting. In the recent anniversary of ESCE ( Edinburgh center), Yao Ren met Ethan again friendly and had a cordial talk.

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The world is your marketplace.

The future is global. Leverage on the ChinaDivision.com presence. Expand your business to new territories with ChinaDivision.com.