How to Sell Alibaba Products on eBay ?

Opening an eBay store is a good way to make money online, no matter as a full-time job or part-time job. As e-commerce starters, lots of people choose to source products from China, since there are so many good looking and cost-effective products on Alibaba. But how to import products from China and sell on eBay? Here is the step-by-step guide.

How to Sell Alibaba Products on eBay

How to choose the suppliers from Alibaba ?

Step 1. Do the research to find out what to sell on eBay.

When I say do the research, I mean do A LOT of research. It may be a frustrating and confusing process for a starter, but it’s very essential. Search on both Alibaba and eBay, find the best selling products, google them, ask your friends, do your own brainstorm…All beginning are hard, once you make the decision about what to import and sell, you can move to the next step.


Step 2. Search the suppliers on Alibaba and filter them.

Enter and start to search the suppliers of the particular products, mark the products you like and list their suppliers. Then you can start to filter these suppliers to cross out some of them. The filtering criteria can include: Gold supplier or not, Support trade assurance or not and how long have the supplier been in the business. Contact the suppliers one by one, you will feel more confident about your eBay business when the detailed cooperation terms are negotiated.


Step 3. Place test orders.

Don’t order the products in bulk just because the supplier says they don’t accept small quantity orders, always place test orders and decide to order more or not after you actually touch the samples and sell the particular products in the short run. Placing test orders is a way to test the product quality, consumer feed back and your shipping solution.


How to brand the eBay store?

About this questions, please refer to this article Branding Tips for Sourcing from Alibaba


To drop-ship or not?

A lot of eBay beginners choose to drop-ship their made-in-China products, there are both pros and cons.

Pros: Save the budget, easy to start.

Cons: Compare to the dedicated fulfillment service provided by companies like ChinaDivision, drop-shipping is a very basic logistics solution, the eBay sellers can neither choose shipping methods freely nor get value-added services(which are very essential for brand establishment) such as customize packages, relabeling, kitting&assembly, etc. More than that, if the eBay sellers owns multiple suppliers, the inventory management will be a headache.


If you refuse to let your suppliers control all the shipment and customer satisfaction, partner with ChinaDivision, an experienced order fulfillment provider which has been doing order fulfillment and global shipping for years. Let all of your suppliers send products to ChinaDivison warehouse in Shenzhen, we will handle them centrally. As a tech-oriented company, ChinaDivision will record every shipped-in and shipped-out and update the data (including tracking numbers) on the easy-to-use user center.


How to automate the fulfillment ?

Install ChinaDivision eBay fulfillment software.

After deciding on every sourcing and order fulfillment details, it’s time to make the business run itself. Install ChinaDivision eBay fulfillment plug-in, the new paid eBay orders will be automatically synced to ChinaDivision fulfillment system, and we will take care of the rest. Just focus on your core business and try to make more sales.

Branding Tips for Sourcing from Alibaba

Brand upgrading service is a series of services provided by order fulfillment companies, its goal is to help the e-commerce sellers to brand. Branding is the way to make people recognize the products at a glance and distinguish them from other similar products, which is particularly significant for online business, it increases people’s trust in the store and makes them be willing to pay more for the products. But branding may be tricky for the sellers whose product source is Alibaba — There are so many cost-effective products on Alibaba, how to brand them ? The Alibaba sellers can sell the same products to your competitors, how to differentiate your own products? Here are some branding tips.


Branding Tips for Sourcing from Alibaba


Tip 1. Communicate with the suppliers to let them sell you no-logo products.

A good communication can help the seller come up with better brand strategy with lower budget. A lot of the suppliers on Alibaba are OEM(original equipment manufacturer), they are willing to sell the products themselves, no logo, no label, no brand. ChinaDivision can help the e-commerce sellers to communicate with the suppliers in Mandarin, get to know the services they can provide and get a good deal.


Tip 2. Print your logo on customized product packaging.

We all know how important product packaging is, it is the first thing a buyer lays his/her eyes on. Well-designed packaging impresses the consumers and brings a unique brand image. Establishing a unique brand image is a good brand strategy for new founded e-commerce stores, because people will buy the products just to show their differences. In fact, customizing product packaging can be easy, no need to personally seek and contact the package suppliers, sellers can just focus on having the logo and packages well-designed, ChinaDivision can take care of the rest.


Tip 3. Relabel the products.

For some kinds of products, relabeling is very easy, so the seller can have them done in the fulfillment center. Thanks to the optimized operations, ChinaDivision relabel service is very efficient and affordable.


Tip 4. Use ChinaDivision value-added services.

For the e-commerce sellers who come up with comprehensive brand strategies, ChinaDivision value-added service is a good choice. Just as its name implies, ChinaDivision value-added service can add the brand value to the products, it is a series of services including:


– Customized packaging. Don’t only print logos, design a complete appearance for your products, ChinaDivision will make it real.

Kitting & Assemble. Catalogs, leaflets, product samples, gifts, thank you cards, ChinaDivision helps you send gift packs to the buyers.

– Mark the company/brand name on the shipping labels. ChinaDivision is invisible for the consumers, the shipping label says the shipper is your company.

– Other required operations to suit the branding needs.


A good brand strategy protects you from suffering from price war with competitors. If you source products from Alibaba, it is a good idea to use ChinaDivision brand upgrading service, since the products are far away in China and you need to brand them and impress the consumers.

How to Sell on Amazon China is Amazon’s regional website in China. Because of two reasons, selling on Amazon China is a good idea for the e-commerce sellers who want to expand their business to China (especially mainland China). Reason one, big e-commerce websites like Amazon have accumulated a certain brand approval and a large user group, selling on it can help the e-commerce runner get more traffic with less marketing budget. Reason two, Amazon China is targeted at China mainland market, which is very huge. In the year 2016, China has become the world’s largest online retail market, and it’s still growing, there is a research shows Chinese online retail market will grow to $1.7 trillion by 2020.


To sell on Amazon China, there are 5 things to consider.


Product source. As I said in How to Choose Product Source from Alibaba and Taobao?, there are a lot of cost-effective products in Alibaba. Sourcing products from China and sell them on can save a lot of logistics fees.


Use FBA or not. FBA(Fulfill by Amazon) is the fulfillment service provided by Amazon company. There are some preferential policies for the FBA users who sell on Amazon, but there are restrictions as well. According to the restriction, the products should be “ready to be fulfilled” before they are sent to FBA, or Amazon will charge handling fees which are calculated by units. It’s better to consider your labor, time and financial budget before making this decision.


Warehouse location. If you decide to not use FBA or you need FBA prep service (ChinaDivision provides FBA prep services including goods receiving, inspection, repacking, labeling,etc), you had better to choose a warehouse in the right location. On the precondition of saving the logistics fee, there are two options for the Amazon China sellers: mainland China warehouses and Hong Kong bonded warehouses. ChinaDivision Amazon China fulfillment service is based in both of the locations, it helps the sellers to deal with the consumer exchange & refund in the mainland warehouse and send packages from Hong Kong warehouses, which achieves the lower taxes and better shopping experiences in the same time. You can see the advantages of using HK bonded warehouses intuitively in this image.

hk bonded warehouse


Shipping solutions. After considering the warehouse location, the Amazon sellers have to choose shipping solutions. ChinaDivision Amazon China fulfillment service includes recommending suitable shipping solutions for the sellers.


Brand strategy. ChinaDivision provides a series of brand upgrading services, such as labeling the brand name on the packages, printing logos on the boxes, putting inserts, etc. It’s up to the seller’s choice.


3 steps to sell on Amazon China.


Register an Amazon China seller account. One Amazon account can not be used on different regional websites, the seller can not use the account to sell products on, so you have to register an Amazon China seller account first.


Choose an Amazon China fulfillment partner. ChinaDivision is a full-service Amazon China fulfillment service provider, which can provide all the services, tech support and expertise for the seller who want to sell to China.


Start to make sales. With the help of ChinaDivision Amazon China fulfillment service, the sellers can only focus on the core business and make more sales.

Oberlo vs ChinaDivision Fulfillment Integration

Oberlo is a well-received Shopify app, just like ChinaDivision fulfillment app, it is free and helps you ship products directly to the buyers from China, meanwhile they both have their own advantages.


 oberlo vs chinadivision



Integrates with sourcing. After installing Oberlo, as soon as the Shopify sellers find something they like on AliExpress, they can one-click sync the items to Shopify, and push them to the store after a few steps of setting. But this is only available for Shopify store and AliExpress, if you want to source from other Chinese websites, such as or, and integrate the items to your store, then Oberlo can’t help you.


Drop-ship, no inventory budget. Drop-shipping is a beginner friendly fulfillment solution, the AliExpress sellers can drop-ship their products directly to the consumers, which not only saves hassles but also cuts the inventory budget. But this requires the expertise of the drop-shippers, because the e-commerce sellers don’t have the opportunity to inspect the products. It may be frustrated to not have the control over the matter which impose direct influence on the customer satisfaction.


ChinaDivision Fulfillment Integration

More advanced fulfillment services. Despite ChinaDivision also sends products directly to the end-consumers, just like the drop-shippers do, ChinaDivision fulfillment app is very different from Oberlo. Because unlike Oberlo, the single Shopify app relaying on the vendors on AliExpress, ChinaDivision fulfillment integration is based on a dedicated order fulfillment company in China. ChinaDivision provides more advanced fulfillment services than the drop-shippers, when the drop-shippers pay more attention to the products itself, ChinaDivision focuses on services. The brand upgrading and other value-added services provided by ChinaDivision can bring the impressed visual identity and better customer satisfaction, which will distinguish your brand from your competitors.


Integrates with multiple e-commerce platforms

ChinaDivision fulfillment integration includes a series of fulfillment plug-ins for multiple widely used e-commerce platforms, not only the Shopify app, but also the Magento fulfillment extension, OpenCart fulfillment extension, WooCommerce fulfillment plug-in and many more. Even if the e-commerce seller change the platform of the store, or have multiple stores on different platforms, he/she can use the single ChinaDivision account to fulfill the orders synchronized from different stores.


Integrates with multiple Shopify stores. There is a note in Oberlo help center says: Once you connect Oberlo to a Shopify Store, you won’t be able to switch to another one. It means that only one Oberlo account is available per Shopify Store. ChinaDivision Shopify fulfillment app can integrate with multiple Shopify store, as long as each order owns exclusive order number (to achieve this, the e-commerce sellers can modify the prefix of order numbers with ChinaDivision Shopify fulfillment app), orders from different stores can be fulfilled with one ChinaDivision account and the inventory will be managed centrally.


No vendor limit. ChinaDivision fulfillment integration doesn’t have limit to vendors, they don’t have to be AliExpress sellers. As long as they send goods to ChinaDivision’s warehouse in Shenzhen, ChinaDivision can receive & inspect the goods and start to fulfill orders once the fulfillment integration syncs orders from the store.


In conclusion, Oberlo and ChinaDivision fulfillment integration are both good choices for the e-commerce sellers who sell made-in-China products and want a automated, seamless fulfillment service. The difference between these two is, Oberlo more focuses on simplifying the sourcing while ChinaDivision fulfillment integration pay more attention to providing better fulfillment services.

Improve Your Business By Using ChinaDivision Amazon China Fulfillment Service

Amazon China (domain name is the regional website of based in Beijing, China. Amazon China has a shopping region called Global Store (海外购), which is specifically designed for Chinese consumers to buy global products. Because of the brand influence of Amazon, Amazon Global Store has become one of the most trustworthy places for Chinese people to buy items from abroad.


Amazon China fulfillment


ChinaDivision Amazon China fulfillment center can improve your business in the following ways:

Amazon China is targeted at Chinese consumers — Give your business a larger market.

Different from, Amazon China is more friendly to native Chinese consumers. The website is in Chinese, all the prices are in RMB. In this case, Chinese consumers are more inclined to buy foreign products from Amazon China, although the same products on Amazon America usually have more attractive prices and more promotional activities. Selling your products on Amazon China can help you expand your business to China, the world’s biggest e-commerce market, and make more sales.


The products can be manufactured in mainland China — Lower the budget.

A lot of international brands own their OEM (original equipment manufacturer ) in mainland China. The advantages of having your products manufactured in China are obvious, quality service, lower price, hassle-free logistics, etc. With the help of Chinese OEM and ChinaDivision Amazon China Fulfillment service, the e-commerce sellers can run a business with millions of orders with very low budget, makes it possible to invest more money in brand building and promotion.


ChinaDivision can provide a series of value-added services — Create brand awareness in China.

Because of the historical, political and other reasons, e-commerce market in China are very different from the Western. In order to establish brand awareness within millions of Chinese consumers, the e-commerce sellers had better to come up with more strategies to adapt to the whole new market. As the supplement of manufacturer’s service, ChinaDivision can provide more experienced value-added services such as kitting, assembly, putting insert, labeling, customize packaging, etc. The advantages of these services are particularly prominent when the brand owns multiple manufacturers and the products have to be handled centrally.


Orders are fulfilled in HK warehouses — Efficient & Hassle free.

After the goods are done processing in the manufacturer’s factory or ChinaDivision warehouse, they will be shipped to the warehouse in Hong Kong. ChinaDivision has developed a deep cooperation with HK Yunda Express, SF Express and EMS, each of them owns multiple bonded warehouses in Hong Kong. Once the buyer purchased some of your products on Amazon China, the warehouse will start to fulfill the orders instantly, and Amazon China will treat your products as “Send from bonded warehouse of HK”.


The packages are shipped from HK — Better customer satisfaction.

None of the Chinese consumers will be happy to see the just purchased foreign products are shipped from mainland China, so it’s better to storage the products in HK, this not only saves the logistics fee, but also do no harm to your international brand image.


If you are interested in ChinaDivision Amazon China fulfillment service, please send us a fulfillment quote.

Third-party Fulfillment: Fulfillrite vs efulfillmentservice(EFS) vs ChinaDivision

US based fulfillment company: fulfillrite and efulfillmentservice(EFS)

Fulfillrite and efulfillmentservice(EFS) are both US based fulfillment company, here is the comparison.

Fulfillrite and efulfillmentservice comparison

As third-party fulfillment companies in the USA, Fulfillrite and EFS both have their own advantages and featured services. For the e-commerce sellers whose market are mainly in North &South America, who want the buyers to receive goods faster, they are good options.

But for the sellers who import products from China, things may be a little tricky. What if the Chinese suppliers send the wrong goods to fulfillment center? The exchange will be a long journey.


Local China fulfillment company: ChinaDivision


Compare to US based fulfillment company, ChinaDivision has the following advantages:


Low out-factory logistics fee. ChinaDivision warehouse locates in Shenzhen, Guangdong, the area gathered many manufacturers. Shipping from the manufacturer’s factory to the warehouse is fast and cheap, since it’s domestic shipping, the goods will arrive ChinaDivision warehouse within 1-2 days. Near-source is the superiority which ChinaDivision beats the US based fulfillment centers, it can save logistic fee by reducing the international transit times.


Better supplier communication. For local China fulfillment company, communicating with the Chinese suppliers is never a problem. Especially when some problems (such as packing errors, the packaging doesn’t meet the requirement or customer refund ) occur, the smooth communication takes the mess away and brings better customer satisfaction. Once the goods arrived at ChinaDivision warehouse, we will inspect them as your requirements, any mistakes can be corrected within a week.


Rich supplier resources in China. Relay on the developed manufacturing industry of China, the clustering of e-commerce businesses has made a complete supply chain. The supplier resource is particularly rich in Guangdong province. The e-commerce sellers can easily get quality package making, insert printing and low-price gifts suppliers, more than that, their products can all successfully arrive in ChinaDivision warehouse in 2 days.


Cost-effective warehousing service. Another advantage of local China fulfillment company is the lower cost. ChinaDivision provides 90 days free warehouse service, which will cut the warehousing budget. Not only that, ChinaDivision also owns the back up warehouse with large space, allows the e-commerce sellers to keep a big amount of goods in stock and enjoy cost-effective warehousing service at the same time.

How to Establish a Distribution Center in China?

About half billion people buy things online in China, people spend billions of money on purchasing imported foodstuff, skin care products, furnishings and clothes online. Since it is such a huge market, a lot of overseas brands opened their flagship store on Tmall (an online shopping mall of Alibaba group) and sell their products in China. For the e-commerce sellers who targeted the Chinese market,  getting a fulfillment partner and build a distribution center in China is very essential. As an experienced full-service order fulfillment company, ChinaDivision can help the global e-commerce sellers build a distribution center in China and expand their online business to a larger market.


security system in ChinaDivision warehouse

(The security system in ChinaDivision warehouse)


The third-party fulfillment provider which is capable to perform as a distribution center in China has to contain these:


Cost-effective warehousing service. Warehousing fee is a big part of the budget of running a distribution center, since you need to stock a lot of goods in it. The storage cost have to be taken into account. But cost-effective doesn’t mean cheap, the warehouse has to be secure as well, especially when the products you sell is far in China. ChinaDivision provides 90 days free warehousing service and all the insurance are covered. No matter the lost/damage caused by force majeure, manual handling or shipping, the customers can get compensation.


Customized packing. With the help of multiple package suppliers and customized packing service, you can ship the unpacked products in bulk and pack them in the distribution center in China, which will save you a lot of logistics fee. What’s more, ChinaDivision can also put user manual, product introduction, other promotional inserts in the packages. Well-designed product packages can help you build brand awareness among Chinese consumers.


Good at handling sensitive products. The most popular overseas products on Chinese e-commerce platforms are normally food or makeups, which are regarded as sensitive products by customs and express companies. According to Chinese custom policies, there are some restrictions about importing goods which contain liquid, powder, paste or cooked food, you have to provide some documentary evidence before selling them in China. In this case, choosing a fulfillment partner who is good at handling sensitive products are very important. With the experiences of B2C business, ChinaDivision has incomparable strength in this area.


Tech oriented inventory management. Distribution centers have to deal with very complicated inventory management operations, such as receiving, returning, refund, future shipping, etc. With so many goods shipping in and out, modern technology can be very helpful. ChinaDivision receives about 100 cubic meters of stocks and delivers more than 2000 packages every day in as an advanced order fulfillment center, bar code and inventory management software are used to make all the goods be processed properly and efficiently. Customers can register a ChinaDivision account and manage the inventory easily in the user center, once a new batch of goods arrived ChinaDivision warehouse, in another word, your distribution center in China, product quantities and details will be checked and verified against the provided data. You can see the changed status as soon as the goods are processed.

How to Choose Product Source from Alibaba and Taobao?

There are more products than you think are made in China. It is said that the only places where can achieve ”As long as you need, as long as I have” are Alibaba and Taobao. It seems a good idea to open an online store and source from Alibaba and Taobao. But there are so many products on them: good and bad, quality and lousy, magical and weird designed…Some of them will help you to become very successful Amazon seller, E-bay/Shopify store owner, and some of them, well, let’s say that’s the products you never want to sell to the buyers.

source from alibaba

Being an experienced third-party order fulfillment company in China, ChinaDivision has shipping products sourced from Alibaba and Taobao to world-wide for years. These are the tips to choose good products source from Alibaba/Taobao in China.


Use Google translate and China local instant messaging software.

It may be frightening to see all the Chinese on and, but you can find the regular patterns later. With the help of Google translate, you can translate the item name you need into Chinese and turn the item descriptions and parameters into English roughly. A lot of the sellers of Alibaba and Taobao can speak simple English, if they can’t, the communication can also get along with the help of translate software.

About China local instant messaging software, you can download and install QQ or WeChat to stay in touch with your supplier, since they are the most widely used IM software in China and they are both easy-to-use and have English versions.

Choose the item with as many detailed photos as possible.

Chinese sellers pay great attentions on item photos, some Taobao sellers are willing to pay a lot of money just for going abroad and taking photos. Don’t let the photos with pretty models and ingenious composition trick you, you need more detailed photos from different angles and light conditions. People who sell quality products are normally very eager to show their good materials, they will submit as many detailed photos as possible. The item with carefully repaired picture but no detailed photos are very suspicious, please choose this kind of products cautiously.

Place test orders.

After the primary selection of suppliers, you can make a list and contact the seller one by one. Ask them to send test products to you, some of the suppliers have “免费拿样” service, it means they will return the sample money if you buy from them again. The samples are just for you to look and touch the real products by yourself and decide to source from them or not.

Other than placing test orders for product samples, it is the time for you to test fulfillment partners as well. Since some of the Alibaba or Taobao sellers will not bother to send one or two samples to the overseas address, you can find a China local fulfillment company to ship the samples for you, this makes a good chance for you to test both the supplier and the third-party fulfillment partner. ChinaDivision gets a lot of test orders which usually send less than 10 products to the other end of the globe, our service will not be discounted because of the small shipping amount.


Cooperate with a third-party fulfillment company in China.

As I just said, you can place test order on both sourcing platforms and third-party fulfillment companies. If you are satisfied with the service ChinaDivision provides, you can develop a long term cooperation with us. Cooperating with a third-party fulfillment company in China such as ChinaDivision has multiple advantages:

We are more familiar with the custom policies or other real-time condition changes in China.

We can help you to contact the suppliers easier since we are both Chinese.

The labor and warehousing fees are cheaper in China.

Install fulfillment plug-in.

Once you establish your own store, no matter it’s on Amazon, e-bay, etsy or an independent website developed by Shopify, OpenCart, WordPress, you will get orders soon. ChinaDivision order fulfillment integration can help you sync the orders to the ChinaDivision system once someone place orders in your store, we will receive the new paid orders and fulfill for you. The fulfillment plug-in can actually makes the fulfillment process seamlessly.

We have already developed the fulfillment integration for Shopify, Woocommerce, OpenCart, Magento and Woocommerce, fulfillment plug-in for more platforms will be developed soon.

How to Choose Order Fulfillment Service Provider in China?

Because of the cheap labor and developed manufacturing industry, sending from China fulfillment service are the first choice of a lot of e-commerce sellers. Most of the order fulfillment service providers in China are located in Shenzhen, which is very close to the logistics hub HongKong. Recent years more and more companies start to provide order fulfillment service, but their service level are very uneven. Be ware of the unqualified companies with lousy services, they will drag your business down and make you suffer from money loss. Here are some tips to choose quality order fulfillment service company in China.

How to Choose Order Fulfillment Service Provider in China

Consider the tech strength

Global shipping related order fulfillment involves a lot of orders and sections, so it need technologies to make the process seamless. Tech oriented service normally means the fulfillment team is technically powerful enough to provide a whole scientific system including the fulfillment integration of a varies of e-commerce platforms. Fulfillment integration can reduce the manual transfer times, which not only saves time and energy, but also lower the error rate.

ChinaDivision has developed easy-to-use fulfillment integration for multiple platforms, such as Shopify fulfillment integration, openCart fulfillment integration, WordPress fulfillment integration, magento fulfillment integration, etc.

“The dashboard looks great and it already synced my orders, I will surely be adding SKUs later”,after installing our Shopify fulfillment plug-in and synced a lot of orders within seconds, one of our clients e-mailed us happily. ChinaDivision fulfillment integration is stable and starter friendly, we are still adding more features to make it more powerful.


Choose the service with high performance-price ratio

Budget control is essential for any kind of business, but pursuing low price blindly will make you fall into a trap, for example, your fulfillment provider shuts down with out notice. Order fulfillment requires a series of specialized skills, all of them need years of experiences, which is too long for some companies who just rent a warehouse and start to post ads. Fortunately, quality service doesn’t have to be expensive. With optimized operations, the order fulfillment process can be very efficient and cost-effective.

Unlike some China based fulfillment companies, ChinaDivision is not start from scratch, its brand owner Shenzhen CNstorm E-commerce Co.,Ltd, also owns a B2C platform, which has been operated for years. With the experiences accumulated from the B2C business, ChinaDivision have provided high performance-price ratio service to clients all over the world.


Investigate the express carrier cooperation

The express carriers, such as UPS, DHL, EMS, etc, charge much lower shipping fees from their long-term cooperation partners. In this case, choosing the fulfillment company with better carrier cooperation can reduce a lot of your shipping cost. More than that, deep cooperation also means better communication, it can make a lot of differences in global shipping. You can monitor your order status in real time and deal with problems promptly.

Running global shipping related business, ChinaDivision have cooperated with the world-leading express carriers for many years. We also have dedicated line services, which integrated with European countries to take care of last mile delivery.

8 Reasons for Using Amazon Fulfillment Service in China

A lot of Amazon sellers choose to use FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) because of the FBA customer benefits, but shipping directly from suppliers to Amazon fulfillment center may encounter some problems, especially when your suppliers are far away in China. That’s why you need a middleman who does amazon fulfillment in China. China based third-party amazon fulfillment services include all the required handling before the products are shipped to amazon FBA warehouses, such as goods inspection, labeling, kitting, custom clearance, etc, since all the Amazon warehouses, including Amazon China fulfillment center locates in multiple cities, have strict and detailed prep requirements.


Reasons for Using Amazon Fulfillment Service in China

According to Amazon’s policies, your products should be “ready to be fulfilled” before they are sent to FBA, or Amazon will charge handling fees which are calculated by units. The labeling and packaging requirements include:

Bar codes: Correct, scan-able, unique bar codes on both item’s packages and cases/sets; All the other non-related bar codes must be covered.

Labels: Sold as set labels, SKU labels, Expiration dates labels.

Packaging: Packing requirements for loose products, products in boxes, products in poly bags, etc.

You can download the detailed requirements documents in Amazon help center, then you will see they are surprisingly long.

You may say your suppliers can do these for you, but do you know the risks?

High error rates. You will be surprised by the packing errors your suppliers make, packing one package is easy, but try to do one thousand times within a day! It requires skillful staff and optimized processes, which are a lot to ask for a factory.

Goods rejection & High handling fee. Amazon requires that all your shipping fees and duties must be paid in advance, they will pay no money for goods receiving. More than that, if your labels don’t meet the Amazon prep requirements and need to re-labeling, Amazon FBA will charge you the handing fee calculated by units.

Business secrets leakage. Tell your supplier how to do all the preparations for Amazon is dangerous, because it equates to teach them how to sell their own products without you. If you let them do the value-added work, they will know your marketing strategy as well. The more you let them do, the more they will learn.

In this case, the reasons for using Amazon fulfillment service in China are to outsource the hassles, avoid the risks and save more energies for your real business.

Goods inspection. Amazon will not inspect the goods for you, if the supplier mixed the blue skirts in the red ones by mistake, your customer will receive the wrong products with no doubt. So having them inspected by third-party before shipping to amazon is essential. When the products arrive at ChinaDivision warehouse, our staff will open the boxes and check accuracy of the product amount and SKU, to ensure everything is in order.

Labeling. Outsourcing the labeling means you download the PDF labels from Amazon and give them to your China Amazon fulfillment service provider, they print it for you and put them on item packages and boxes/sets. But ChinaDivision does more, with the help of tech oriented bar code system, we can make your inventory management more effective and accurate.

Kitting. Unlike other Amazon fulfillment in China, ChinaDivision Amazon fulfillment also includes kitting&assembly, package customization and other value-added services. If you need to ship different products in one package, put promotional inserts in it or print logos, ChinaDivision is here to help. We can also print the promotional inserts such as thank you cards, leaflets, catalogs for you.

Custom clearance. There are always custom related routines to do when it comes to global shipping, unfortunately Amazon will not do it for you, that’s another reason you need to get help from Amazon fulfillment service provider in China. ChinaDivision  ensures that all fees are paid up when your goods arrive Amazon warehouses.

Keep your secrets. ChinaDivision is an order fulfillment provider, unlike your suppliers in China, we have no business overlaps with you. ChinaDivision will never steal and leak your business secrets, your designs, marketing strategies and suppliers’ names are safe with us.