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As a merchant, you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. From product development to customer service, your plate is full at any given moment.

The last thing you have to worry about is managing the complexities of fulfillment, warehouse management, products management, and order processing, ensuring products picked, packed and shipped correctly. The whole process needs a lot of work. Dealing with fulfillment on your own can bog you down and distract you from focusing on your core business.

That’s why is here. We are focused on making worldwide fulfillment easy for you!

At the heart of is powerful technology that simplifies fulfillment, delivery and returns. Now you can start shipping to new markets with the click of a button, hassle-free. Welcome to

Strengthen your brand

No matter a start-up or an existing company, it is always important to brand yourself and build up your own company image to your customers. provides inspiring services to help you create a complete Brand Identity for your product line.

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Branded Shipping

Brand yourself with custom shipping boxes and envelopes to give a more direct and personal experience for your customers. You can also have custom package labels that will be applied to your package at time of shipment.

Promotional Marketing provides collateral inserts service, which aims to satisfy your needs of marketing and customer relationship management. This service includes design, produce numerous marketing products such as Flyers, Newsletters, Greeting cards, Giveaway Products, and then insert into specific or each shipment made.

Package Design

We can help to design package for designated product and shipment.Our service includes the package design for a specific product, and gift package on key dates,such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day,and Christmas especially.

Fast & Strategic Shipping

Same day fulfillment is an art and a science that we continue to refine every day. Our printing and packing schedules are coordinated with our carriers’ regional pick-up times to ensure that all received orders for that day are boxed up and ready to be delivered.

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Same Day Order Processing

All orders received before 13:00 local time are guaranteed to be processed that day!

Shipping to the World

ChinaDivision's warehouse is strategically located to save your time and money. We are cooperate with major carriers to pass on the savings, and provide secure and speed oriented shipping options to you and your customers.

Get Everything Ready

Before every shipping, ChinaDivision's shipping specialist ensure that the size and protection of the package match international freight shipping standard, and documentation has prepared for customs processes.

Easy Tracking provides flexible and fully customised tacking solution. Our tracking API enables you to display the tracking information on your website to your customers, or let them track the package themselves through provided package ID and carrier. We are also building up a dedicated tracking page, so that you can send a link from your CRM or add a link to your order confirmation page that enables your customers to track their packages.

Seamless Logistics Management

Control your entire fulfillment operation through one convenient platform. Manage your Sourcing, inventory, select carriers, tracking, customer service and more.

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CFS can track your inventory levels and keep you alerted to any needs of stock via in system alerts and email notifications. This will help you avoid overselling and give you needed feedback on hot-sale products.

Address Verification

Once our system Identifies invalid addresses, we will immediately notify you via email and put that specific shipment on hold, so that you can contact your customer to get correction information.

Order Grouping provides order grouping service, which enables you to sell and ship multiple products to a single customer at one time. We will group different products of your inventory together in single package when it possible to decrease the price of shipping and packaging to your customers.

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